“If I wanted him to get hurt, I could have done that a long time ago, please trust me. But I never seek for revenge,” says Andi Eigenmann on talks that what happened to her ex-boyfriend Albie Casiño was premeditated and planned bu her.


Photo: Noel Orsal / Allan Sancon

"I’m not saying that Albie’s a bad person. He just wanted to finally for once, tell the truth.”


May message ba siya sa kanyang Tita Rina?


“She’s not my Tita anymore. It’s not a message but a question. Parang, ‘Tita, what did I do to you for me to deserve this? I did nothing.’

“I never said anything against them. I never said anything bad at all.

"Ngayon po, mommy na rin ako. 

“Hindi ko po kinukuwestiyon ang pagpapalaki n'yo kay Albie, pero sana inaalam n'yo muna kung tama po ba ang ginagawa n'yo o hindi.”


HER PRAYER? Ano ang dasal ng puso niya ngayon?


“Tumigil na po sila. Wala po akong ginagawa sa kanila.

"Lahat, lahat po ng mga nangyari sa akin, nangyari dahil sa kung paano nila 'ko trinato. 

“My only prayer is that they learn to understand that this should just be left. This should be over. 


“If they don’t want meet Ellie or if they don’t want to accept Ellie as part of their family, so be it. But it doesn’t mean they have to ruin me also. 

“But just because Albie’s going’s down by his decision, that doesn’t mean they have to bring me along with them because I have nothing to do with them.”


May pagkakataon ba na sinabihan siya ni Albie na sisiraan siya?


“When he said in his formspring that I cheated on him with ten boys because he wanted to deny the fact that he beats me up. 

“I called him [up] right away and asked him, ‘Why do you have to do that?'

"At the beginning, he said sorry. He said he was gonna take it back.

"Pero binawi niya po at sinabi na, ‘It doesn’t matter. I’m going to lie and lie until I die. I don’t care. You have to be ruined.'

“Sisirain niya raw ang career ko. Hindi raw siya papayag that I’ll go further. He’s higher than me daw kasi, he’s the bida in Mara Clara.

"Those were his exact words.”


REGRETS? Ngayon, pinagsisihan niya ba na minahal niya si Albie?


“Kung hindi ko po siya minahal, wala po si Ellie. 

"And even if Ellie… c’mon let’s face it, Ellie is his... I don’t care.

“I don’t have any regrets because we were together once. We were happy when he was my best friend. 


“So, no regrets, the fact that I fell in love with him.

"I just wonder what happened to him.