“Of course, yes.” This was Albie Casino’s short but determined reply when dzMM asked him if he would file chargers against his attackers.

Photo: Noel Orsal

Contrary to what Andi Eigenmann previously stated that former boyfriend Albie Casiño provoked her, the young actor insists he did not gave her a bad look when they accidentally met at Fiamma Bar in Makati at dawn on Saturday, May 5.

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This incident is being connected to the reported brawl that happened in the parking lot afterwards that sent Albie to the hospital.

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In an interview with dzMM earlier today, May 7, Albie reiterated that Andi slapped him and spilled wine on his face during their encounter.

He narrated, "Honestly I didn't see her.

"I was texting and all of the sudden I got slapped in the face and the wine was spilled at my face and I saw Andi.

"So I was like, okay.

“So, I went down 'coz that happened at the second floor.

“I went down to wash my face then I called my friend, si Luigi Altamirano, and we went outside.”

Albie stressed, “So 'yong sinasabi niyang I was looking her bad, that never happened. There was none.”

Albie is being pointed by Andi as the father of her child, whom she gave birth last November 23, 2011.

PARKING LOT INCIDENT. Albie also confirmed earlier narration of his mom, Rina Casiño, about the incident that happened in the parking lot.

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The former Mara Clara actor recalled, “The first thing they did was smash a bottle at the back of my head.