Derek Ramsay portrays the title role of TV5’s newest crime-busting superhero, Kidlat. Replete with action, drama, and romance, the Kapatid network’s latest primetime series premieres on January 6, 2013. Kidlat kicks off with a special 90-minute film on a Sunday evening, a day prior to its regular weeknight airing. The show also stars award-winning actor Baron Geisler as Kidlat’s nemesis, likewise TV5 princesses Nadine Samonte and Ritz Azul as the soap’s two leading ladies.

Photo: Noel Orsal

From drama to action, hunky actor Derek Ramsay is now shooting scenes on rooftops and a grimy talyer where he gets to do non-stop action.

His male-envied and female-killer six-pack abs and robust muscles have finally found their rightful setting.

Derek is all set to star as Kidlat, TV5’s newest teleserye superhero, who accidentally acquires his special power when a “rare” storm hits the place he comes from.

During a visit made to the set of Kidlat yesterday, December 17, at the TAPE studio, Central Business Park, Manggahan, Pasig, the Kapatid actor along with co-stars Nadine Samonte and Baron Geisler had the chance to relay their latest adventure to the press.

Coming off from a take, a beat but happy Derek said that he has already shot a number of superhero scenes and that the Kidlat staff is deep into production, taping three times a week.

He told that they had finished taping the premiere of Kidlat, a 90-minute film that takes the audience right smack the plot where Derek’s human character, Voltaire, has obtained his power.

It will be aired on January 6, 2013, a Sunday night.

The actor informed too that as soon as Kidlat unfolds during its regular weeknight schedule, its plot will delve into the superhero’s backstory.

“Yung teleserye will explain kung paano ako naging Kidlat, kung pano ko nakuha yung powers. And then mag-e-evolve na yung buong story.”

BILLBOARD UNVEILING. The public first saw Derek wearing his superhero suit last Sunday night, December 16, concurrent with the unveiling of the series’s billboard mounted along EDSA Guadalupe, Makati.

The actor, suspended by harnesses, was reported to have flown over the massive billboard as proudly donned his blue and yellow suit, with half of his face concealed by his mask.

“Pinakamalupit na ginawa ko sa buong career ko sa showbiz” was how Derek described it.

“Feeling ko talaga, superhero ako nung tumayo ako dun!

“E, sabi nila, ‘Game ka ba … gawin yung ganung klaseng bagay?’ Sabi ko, ‘Ako pa?’”