Of Joey Marquez, Kris Aquino said on September 24, 2003: "Kung mayroon ho akong puwedeng panghawakan sa buong buhay ko ay hindi po ako sinungaling."

Of James Yap, Kris said on March 21, 2013: "Kilala na niyo ang pamilya ko, lahat kayo kilala ninyo na rin kami. Hindi kami nagda-drama. You don’t have to believe me, you just have to believe my son."

Photo: Noel Orsal / Karen Pagsolingan

When Kris Aquino appeared on TV Patrol last Thursday, March 21, the scenario seemed all too familiar to the public.

There was a déjà vu quality in the air. People had seen this setup before, 10 years ago to be exact: Kris crying over a love affair gone sour.

The main difference is that, this time around, she was crying foul over James Yap, not Joey Marquez.

Save for the addition of James Yap Jr.—aka Baby James, aka Bimby—the scenario essentially had the same protagonist and the new plot had elements common to the first. 

PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) looks over the timeline in the love life of Kris Aquino, 42 years old—from the days of Joey Marquez, 55, to the days of James Yap, 31.


September 22, 2003: On this day ten years ago, Kris's story is that she was scheduled to shoot the pilot episode of her reformatted show, Next Level Na, Game KNB?. But her taping was delayed, and she decided to return to the Essensa condominium in Bonifacio Global City (Taguig City), which she shared with Joey.

Joey was then a city mayor and an actor. He was also a separated man, with his marriage to actress Alma Moreno still in the process of being annulled. He had fathered eleven children by six different women.

The public knew that he was not acceptable to Kris's mother, former President Corazon Aquino, whose strict Catholic beliefs could not bend to accommodate a married man living in with her youngest child. Cory had also previously disapproved of Phillip Salvador, by whom Kris has one child, also because the man had been previously married and separated.

Kris said that while she was in the condominium, Joey received a text message from a woman named Mariz, but when he would not let her read the message, she struggled with him for custody of his phone. The fighting began.

According to Kris, their fight lasted for about 15 minutes, beginning at 9:45 p.m. and ending around 10 p.m. By the time it was over, by Kris's own account, they had gone through Kris threatening to crush Joey's genitalia, Joey pointing a gun at Kris, and Kris burning their bed with lamp fluid.

As Kris related in detail two days later, on national television, the events that transpired were:

“Okay. I admit it. Sinasabi nila that I grabbed at his genitals. I did. I wanted to crush it.

“Then, sinabi ko, ‘Ano pa ba ang kulang sa akin? Ilang beses mo ba akong kailangang gaguhin?'

“Bago kami nagkatutukan ng baril, inaamin ko, tinapunan ko siya ng fluid.

“Tinapon ko dun sa kama, yung fluid ng Lamp Berger, 'yan yung scented fluid 'yan, na may amoy. Lumiliyab ‘yan.