Inday Barretto justifies statements against daughter Gretchen: “Lahat naman silang magkapatid has an issue against her. Anong klase akong nanay na ang mga anak ko, nagkakagulo, and I don’t do anything about it? Ako ang neutralizer.”

Photo: Melo Balingit / Noel Orsal / GMA-7

Why did she have to air the family’s dirty linen in public?

Inday Barretto knew that people would be asking this question after her letter was published in Ricky Lo’s column last April 24.

But she went ahead anyway because she had to “put things in order.”

In an exclusive interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) yesterday, April 28, the Barretto matriarch said to PEP managing editor Karen Pagsolingan: “I don’t really intend to make this a world war. This is not North Korea or South Korea.

“This is just between a mother and a daughter.

“And what brought it up naman are these things in Instagram and Facebook, kasi technology idiot naman ako.

“But things are getting out of hand kasi, nagkaka-volleyball na ‘yong magkakapatid—she said this, she said that, you know, di ba?

“Lahat naman silang magkapatid has an issue against her [Gretchen]. Anong klase akong nanay na ang mga anak ko, nagkakagulo, and I don’t do anything about it? 

“Ako ang neutralizer.

“I have to come in the picture kasi hindi ‘yon… it’s not anymore an issue between Claudine and Gretchen and Marjorie.”

The three girls are her more famous children: Claudine (33, seventh child in a brood of seven), Marjorie (38, sixth child), and Gretchen (43, fifth child). All three are in the world of entertainment, as actresses, hosts, and celebrity endorsers; while one of them, Marjorie, is also now in the world of politics, as reelectionist councilor of Caloocan City.

Currently, there is a word war going on among them. In one corner, there is Claudine; on the other, Marjorie and Gretchen. With the publication of Inday’s letter in The Philippine Star on April 24, the Barretto matriarch squarely placed her bets on Claudine.

Since then, Joaquin “Jay-Jay” Barretto (third child) has sent his own letter to the media, essentially declaring that he’s on the side of Gretchen. Meantime, Gia Barretto-Reyes (fourth child), who is based in Boston, U.S.A., has also sent her own letter to the media, in effect announcing that she’s on the side of Claudine.

It didn’t help that old issues plaguing the Barrettos—such as Gretchen being breadwinner of the family at age of 14— have resurfaced.

This issue has always infuriated Inday, who told PEP, in a tone that is somber but surprisingly unagitated: “As I said and I kept on repeating, hindi naman maganda na parang napakamangmang naman namin.