Kim Atienza: “I’d like to retire as Kuya Kim and then after that, I’d like to concentrate on family and triathlon, my animals, and my garden.”

Photo: Mike Caliwara

Straight from Showtime, Kuya Kim headed to Makati Shangri-La Hotel for his press launch as the brand ambassador of Omron, a blood pressure monitor.

His arrival didn’t find any need for introduction.

The eldest of Cong. Lito Atienza readily held the microphone and began entertaining the small crowd with his stories full of wisdom and witticisms.

Kuya Kim was in his element—a far cry from the person who, six years ago, ventured into TV hosting because of politics.

During the interview held earlier, July 9, the weather man of TV Patrol began, “They say nga na that showbiz is mapulitika.

“That’s nothing compared to real politics. The real politics, they like to kill your character or your body.

“In showbiz, intriga lang ‘yan, e, wala ‘yan.

“It depends on how you carry yourself also. May mga taong takaw-intriga, e, ako, hindi. Depende rin sa pagdadala.”

So far, most things being thrown his way have been manageable.

He resumed, “Ang worst nangyari sa ‘kin, I was in Boracay, I was touching my nose, ganyan, o [touches the side of his nose], nakunan ng litrato!

“Nangungulangot daw ako, hindi naman.”

The function room resonated with laughter.

“Nasa Internet yun, e. Hindi ko naman pinasok, nagkakamot lang ako, e, paparazzi pala, ganyan o, ‘Si Kuya Kim, nagda-dial.’

“Pero as far as personal intrigue, wala. Family man. Hindi ako takaw sa intriga.”

Between the two worlds, which is better?