(Main) Chris Tiu. (Inset) Chris Tiu's wife Clarisse watches from ringside this weekend's Rain or Shine-Petron game in the company of the basketball star's brother Charles (left).

Photo: Jaime Campos (Chris Tiu) Snow Badua (inset)

The once shy mystery girl must be the envy of thousands of basketball fans now that she has tied the knot with basketball poster-boy Chris Tiu.

Mrs. Chris Tiu, neé Clarisse Ong, has been described by friends and acquiantances as shy and simple. According to Chris's closest friends, she was the only girlfriend the former Ateneo star had had since high school.

Both devotees of Mama Mary, the childhood sweethearts were married in a Catholic ceremony in Vancouver, Canada, last September 7, with only close family members and friends of the couple in attendance.

So "exclusive" was the Vancouver wedding that only the brother and sister of Clarisse’s parents and an uncle and aunt of Chris were named as principal sponsors.

Asked why the wedding was held in Vancouver, the popular Rain or Shine guard said: “It’s my favorite city in the world… next to Manila!"

Their belated wedding reception, held last Sunday in Makati, was also a very private affair, with only close family members and friends in attendance.

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