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Simple Sarah, Gerald and that happy insect
photo uploaded by peparazzo on 03/12/2012 @ 07:14PM STATS: 15639 Views | 0 Comments

It's not promo-promo anymore.


Gerald Anderson has admitted wooing Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo.


The Budoy star says he finds Sarah beautiful and is an "ideal wife" material.


One more quality of the 23-year-old singer that Gerald likes is her being simple.


Sarah's unassuming demeanor and her ability to find pleasure in simple things keep people of all ages hooked on her, like Gerald.


Singing will always be her life-long passion and for the singer/actress, it is not just a profession.


"I find it difficult to answer whenever I'm asked what I love to do when I'm not working because even at home, I'm still singing! You can just leave me with my iPad and I won't get tired of downloading songs and singing along to them all day."


Apart from singing, Sarah confesses that she loves to go shopping for good finds whenever her schedule permits.


"It's a great way to de-stress!"


She also admits to being a wise-spender and looks for the best value for her money whenever she goes shopping.


"It's more fulfilling when you know that what you're buying is worth what you're paying for", added Sarah. Sarah's simplicity is more evidenced by the fact that despite her success, she always goes back to the things that make her happy even before she became a star in the entertainment industry.


"I'm proud to say na laking-Jollibee ako. Aside from the happiness that my favorites in Jollibee evoke, I've always associated the brand with joyful times with my family and friends. Every get-together or simple celebration is not complete without everybody's favorite Chickenjoy," Sarah fondly shared.


"It's actually my dream to have my own Jollibee store someday so my family and fans can bond anytime we want!"

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