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Roxanne Barcelo for acting; Roxee B for music... and for posing for FHM
photo uploaded by peparazzo on 07/05/2013 @ 07:27PM STATS: 81417 Views | 6 Comments

PEParazzi caught up with Roxanne Barcelo—now known as Roxee B—recently and talked to her about her reinvention.


PEParazzi (P): What's with the new name?

ROXEE B (RB): My music. It's really my music. Basically, I really wanted to change the songs that I wanted to come out with. Basically, the sound, collaborating with new artists, collaborating with awesome artists like Q-York. So I was really encouraged by their passion, and the strength in their songs. The power in their songs.

So, after hearing what they have to share, collaborating with them, it just sort of [give] birth to a new person... Roxee B. She's stronger, she doesn't cry that much anymore, but she's in touch with her emotions. Roxee B knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. Past is past for Roxee. It's time to move on.


Check out Roxee B's "W.O.W" featuring Q-York

(video uploaded on YouTube by RoxeeisReal)

PEParazzi: Aren't you worried you might alienate some of your fans with the new you? From the very simple and sweet "Ate Anne" of Batang Bibo, to the sexy and sophisticated Roxee B.

Roxee B: I like your term—sophisticated. I really like that. And I embrace that completely. Kahit si Princess Sarah, nag-FHM—si Camille Prats. Parang we never saw that coming. But it hit us really hard, and I like how it hit us. She shocked us with her womanhood. And I think that was one of the things that encouraged me.


Camille Prats from the February 2006 issue of FHM Philippines

Camille Prats from the February 2006 issue of FHM Philippines


Watching Marian [Rivera] and her career, witnessing how she grew as an actress and as a performer, and I think I want to embrace that also for myself. I want to grow into the woman that I really am.


Roxee B credits Marian Rivera for decision

(video taken by Rommel R. Llanes)

And I’m grateful to all the people who have helped me with my career—Art Angel, I also received an award for that—best children’s show host and I’m thankful to them for that; Batang-Bibo… For all the shows that I’ve been part of. Even with Pinoy Big Brother, I have a shout out for him in my song “W.O.W.” So, if you listen to the lyrics, kasama siya do’n. So, nagpapasalamat din ako sa lahat ng ups and downs with him.


PEParazzi: Yun ang tinatanong ko—your fans who grew up watching you you in Art Angel and Batang-Bibo—aren’t you worried they might get a shock seeing the new you?

Roxee B: I think it’s more of, as I grow up, they grow up, too. I don’t think that they’re staying in their age. Ngayon, lahat tayo we’re maturing and we’re learning new things, and we’re adapting to the environment that we’re in. Sa ngayon, the now—the bolder, the stronger, the more demanding environment.

So, what I think that it needs, I can give, and what I think that I need from this environment, I will get. So, the universe is conspiring with my dreams, and this is my dream.


PEParazzi: You said that this is the new Roxanne Barcelo—Roxee B. Kinalimutan na yung heartaches and all. May “pinagdaanan” ka ba?

Roxee B: Oo naman. Marami tayong pinagdaanan. Absolutely, maraming pinagdaanan si Roxanne Barcelo. I’m still Roxanne Barcelo and I also embrace the new Roxee B, who expresses herself through music.

Basically, through acting, siyempre Roxanne Barcelo pa rin tayo. But when it comes to music, Roxee B is the one who takes over.

Lahat naman tayo may pinagdadaanan. I think God gives us what we can handle, and I think God gave me the extreme extent of what I can handle. But I think I can, even if I’ve fallen, what’s important is how you rise up and how you learn from all those experience.

I went through a very difficult breakup last year and I think that’s one of the things that kinda molded me, to ask myself “What do I want now after a tough breakup?”

And to be honest with you, love is just… You can have it anytime you want, as long as you can give what you’re expecting of others, ang importante, mahalin mo muna ang sarili mo bago ang ibang tao. So, nandun ako—mahalin muna ang sarili.


PEParazzi: Are you with somebody now? Are you dating?

Roxee B: Right now, I’m focusing with myself. I’m hanging out, I’m going out… I’m more outgoing than I was before. I’m enjoying myself more now and I’m enjoying the time with my friends.  (interview by Rommel R. Llanes)

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  • rom_05

    07/08/2013 | 07:11 PM
    maganda yung mukha pero yung kabuuan ng photo hindi ko type. Ang tigas nung dating at tsaka parang talagang ngalay siya. Kahit yung posiyon nung kamay at paa niya hindi natural. Di ko alam kung yun yung point nung photo pero parang hindi siya kumportable.
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  • Space_Ace

    07/07/2013 | 04:29 PM
    yummy! hehehehe
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  • singpinay

    07/07/2013 | 03:53 PM
    Bakit biglang laki ng hinaharap nya?
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    07/12/2013 | 08:59 AM
    dra belo
  • pepinsider

    07/06/2013 | 10:46 AM
    ah ewan. nakailang "repackage" na itong roxanne na ito, hindi naman pinapansin ng manunuod ever. walang kadatingdating.
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  • mafugly

    07/06/2013 | 06:20 AM
    Parang older version of Kathryn Bernardo.
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    07/06/2013 | 12:12 PM
    Kala ko sabi mo bernardo bernardo
    07/08/2013 | 08:52 PM
    lol natawa talaga ako sa bernardo bernardo
  • racyann

    07/05/2013 | 09:06 PM
    i lve what u did t yurself nw r0xane!1i think its amazing!i like u bef0re and i was thinking if u will be sexy u will be m0re beautiful and n0w it happen!u g0t it girl!u deserve that!g0 g0!~i cant wait t see u in a TELESERYE with y0ur new y0u! :
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