Vice Ganda reacts to female reporter's comment about his sperm

During the presscon of This Guy's In Love With You Mare, Vice Ganda was asked by veteran showbiz reporter Mercy Lejarde, "Inaasam mo rin bang magkaanak, at kanino, if ever?"

Vice said, as of the moment, he has no plans of having his own child. He also thinks having a child is a very big responsibility and he would rather look after his nephews and nieces than have his own child.

Another reason why he has no plans of having his own kid is the stigma his being gay might create on his child.

But if ever he changes his mind and decides to produce his own child, he wants the mother to be actress Kaye Abad.

Vice said about Kaye: "Gandang-ganda ako sa kanya... ang sexy niya, ang ganda niya, mabango siya... Gustung-gusto ko siya.

"Sabi ko, kung magge-girlfriend ako, si Kaye Abad ang liligawan ko."

After hearing this from Vice, Lejarde told him, "O, naa-attract ka naman pala sa babae, sayang ang sperm mo, 'no!"

Vice reacted: "Gusto n'yo po ba ngayon?"

As expected, this drew laughter from the other media people covering the presscon and from Vice's co-stars Toni Gonzaga and Luis Manzano, and their director Wenn Deramas.

Vice also dared the veteran showbiz reporter, known for her trademark sunglasses, that he'd give his sperm to her but in exchange, she has to take off her sunnies.

video taken by Rommel R. Llanes




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