Krista Kleiner reveals relationship with ex-boyfriend Jay-R got "a little bit abusive"

On the February 26 episode of The New Media Factory Network.TV's Good Times With Mo The Podcast, DJ Mo Twister's guest was actress-singer and beauty queen Krista Kleiner.

Krista was there to promote her upcoming album and to help Mo give advice to phone callers with love problems.

One caller's problem was about his difficulty to move on after a failed relationship.

While sharing her own experience of moving on after her three-year relationship with ex-boyfriend Jay-R, Krista revealed that her relationship with the R&B singer and host got "a little bit abusive."

"Oh, physical, huh?" Mo butted in.

"Yeah, between that and verbal," admitted the former Bb. Pilipinas-International.

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But more than Krista's intriguing revelation, was the equally intriguing comments of DJ Mo about his ex-girlfriend.

Advising the phone caller more on how to move on from a relationship, Mo related how much he hated his ex.

"I'm so angry at my ex, I can't even watch her sex tapes anymore!" the DJ said.

Mo did not mention any name, but one has to be really living under a rock to not know who his ex-girlfriend was.

Do you think Mo will get into more trouble with this comment?

Are there really sex tapes of him and his ex?

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videoclip from NMFNetwork.TV (CLICK HERE for the full video of this episode)



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