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Miss Philippines-Earth 2012: Beauties for a Cause (Part 1)
posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 04:59pm STATS: 14651 Views | 0 Comments

As the country's most relevant beauty pageant enters its 12th year, a new batch of delegates are set to show the nation that beauty and power go hand in hand.

In true Miss Philippines-Earth tradition, the 48 lovely hopefuls for 2012 will take part not just in the highly-anticipated beauty competition in the land but also, and more importantly, in a campaign to promote sustainable energy.

Yesterday, April 11, the 48 delegates were presented to the press at SM MOA's Music Hall.

Presenting, the lovely delegates of this year's Miss Philippines-Earth 2012.

(CLICK HERE to view PART 2)

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