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  • Gil4whalesharks

    08/17/2015 | 07:01 AM
    Please know that it is extremely harmful to the animals to behave this way around them! Whale sharks have very sensitive skin, protected by enzymes which are destroyed by the oils naturally found on human skin. Touching them puts them at risk of infection! Also, feeding them makes them more trusting of humans ... including those that come from far and wide to illegally hunt them! More details and reasons for maintaining a SAFE - i.e. 3-4 meter - distance from them at all times can be found by Googling '5 reasons not to swim with whale sharks'. Please help share the message and protect these beautiful, majestic, and very much PHILIPPINE creatures! Enrique is in a unique position to speak about this subject and educate many millions of hearts and minds. Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Snapshat him with HASHTAG: SharkNeedsGil and help persuade him to promote RESPONSIBLE whale shark tourism!
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  • Sarich

    08/13/2014 | 02:59 PM
    Mas gusto ko yung Bianca-JC proposal..Yun ang surprise at di scripted...
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    02/19/2015 | 02:45 PM
    bianca king at JC de vera? mag asawa na ba sila!!!!
    02/20/2015 | 07:28 PM
    LOL! Timelessclassic3232 .. JC INTAL yun hindi JC DE VERA !
  • littlemiss14

    08/12/2014 | 12:41 PM
    Hindi masyadong nakakakilig, very sweet lang. Parang mas kinilig pa ako dun kay Chito-Neri. Anyway congrats MR at DD! May you live happily ever after! May idea na ba si MR about sa proposal beforehand?
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    08/13/2014 | 11:02 PM
    hindi ka talaga kinikig kasi bitterness ang pinairal mo! hater! you wish ang proposal ni chito eh just like ddd pero sorry my hater, hindi kasi sikt idol mo sikat lang sila sa p00rno
    04/06/2015 | 11:02 PM
    chito-neri? sa anong video ka kinilig?hahahaha
  • funrel

    08/11/2014 | 09:33 PM
    the real mrs DANTES...Congrats to the ROYAL COUPLE,MARIAN and DINGDONG!
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  • map_7five

    08/11/2014 | 10:58 AM
    CONGRATULATIONS DINGDONG and MARIAN ! ! ! we wish you all the best on your upcoming wedding.. Both of you are blessed to have one another.. Spread more LOVE, soon-to-be MR. and MRS. DANTES ! ! !
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