Dawn and Gretchen reportedly texted insults against each other Photo: Noel Orsal
Are Gretchen Barretto and Dawn Zulueta feuding?

This question is bugging a lot of movie scribes as the two ravishing beauties are reportedly not on speaking terms again. This is after Gretchen and Dawn finished shooting a pictorial for Pantene shampoo that the two are endorsing together with Ruffa Gutierrez and Angel Aquino.

Apparently, Dawn was peeved with Gretchen's prima donna attitude when they were doing the pictorial.

A source, who was inside the studio where the pictorial was held, narrated how Gretchen behaved during the shoot.

It all started when Gretchen, according to our source, arrived with a coterie of alalays, three yayas and five boydguards. She also came daw with a bagful of beauty products, all of them imported.

When she arrived, Gretchen immediately settled to a corner and asked her bodyguards to open her two big leather Louis Vuitton caches that contain her make-up. As ordered, the bodyguards opened the caches and fixed its stands.

When Gretchen was shown the pair of shoes that she would wear in the shoot, the actress reportedly didn’t like the shoes and volunteered to use her own. She asked her yaya to open her three Louis Vuitton suitcases which are full of shoes. Together with stylist Patrick Rosas, the maid obliged.

Gretchen was also asked to have her nails manicured in black. Almost willingly, she laid her hand to the manicurist. But she immediately pulled it off, asking "taga-saan ka?" Only when the manicurist retorted "Taga-Nail & Spa po," did Gretchen offered her hands for manicure.

When La Greta got hungry, she asked her yaya to boil a soup for her. And what do you know? She brought her own microwave in the studio. She also asked for fruits, with each fruit stacked in an expensive plastic container.

After the shoot, Dawn reportedly texted her ire to Gretchen. The exchange of text messages got hotter with Gretchen reportedly saying "you’re not rich," to which Dawn retorted "you’re not married."

The two lovely actresses got involved in a spat a couple of months back when Gretchen felt bad that Dawn sided with Imelda Cojuangco, the mother of Tony Boy—Gretchen’s partner—during their controversial tiff. She blurted her anger in an interview. But they have since talked about it and settled the issue. Until this unfortunate pictorial incident.

In an interview with the GMA-7 showbiz talk show S-Files last Sunday, November 19, Dawn refused to give details about her alleged feud with Gretchen. She said, however, that they have talked about this and they are now okay.