Ashley Rivera is the lady who created Petra Mahalimuyak, whose videos have already generated more than 10,000,000 views.

Does she get help in producing her online materials? She says, “The concept, script, onliners every day, ako lahat yun.”

Photo: Mike Caliwara

Ever heard of Petra Mahalimuyak?

She’s a YouTube discovery whose account—at press time—already has 55,248 subscribers and 10,368,874 views.

“Hindi ko talaga in-expect, like I said, na magiging sikat or si Petra or whatever,” she told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during the Eastwood Citywalk 2 branch opening of Goodah.

She didn’t expect either that the Internet would be her ticket to fame.

Initially, she gave television a try as an “extra,” and went to a lot of “auditions.”

Petra continued, “I’ve been through all that… I really wanted to be in the industry.”

But all her efforts had been futile.

The lady whose name in real life is Ashley Rivera related, “Ayaw, e, parang kahit anong audition, parang pinipilit ko [ang] sarili ko, so, video lang ako…”

She made the decision to upload her videos in 2010.

Smiling, the how-to guru said, “Bibo kasi ako like, you know… Wala lang, para malagay ko sa YouTube… for everyone to see my talent.”

PETRA HAS ARRIVED. It didn’t take long before the Netizens began talking about her parodies and the many things she can do.

The good thing about her medium: “May variety siya… I also dance and sing a little bit there.

“So I show different kinds of characters— it can be a ghost, yung video ko, [‘tapos] iba naman, drama.

“Parang pinapakita ko na kaya kong lahat.”

But it was her knack for making the people laugh that stood out.

“Hindi ko rin inasahan yun na matatawa sila, na sa comedy pala ako sisikat at yung pag-spoof,” the Las Vegas-based Pinay remarked.