Here's how Pia Wurtzbach handled a "bastos" caller

A caller on American DJ Sway's show tries to put Pia on the spot by saying something "bastos." Here's how she handled the prank caller.

How Pia handled a vulgar caller

If there's any doubt in anyone's mind that Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach does not deserve the Miss Universe crown, that person better shut up.

Because last Friday, January 8 on American rapper and DJ Sway's show Sway In The Morning, Pia showed she can handle an awkward and, worse, a vulgar question.

Here's how it went: After taking on a karaoke challenge from the DJ, Pia answered a caller of the show.

The male caller started to hit on Pia, asking her if she likes black guys. Our Miss Universe replied, "Yeah, why not?"

Sway asked the man on the line to say something to Pia that would make her interested to him.

"You get one shot. She's single. Make it classy, make it clean, what would you say to make her interested?"

The caller said, "They call me Titi Baluga, she's Filipino, she knows."

It was a good thing Sway was more interested in asking Pia what "Baluga" means instead of asking her what the caller's first name means in Tagalog.

Cool and composed, the quick thinking 26-year-old Pinay-German told the inquiring DJ and his co-hosts Heather B, Tracy G, and DB that "Baluga" is a whale.

Well, this is kinda true. It's just that the actual spelling of the name of the specie of whale that she mentioned is spelled with an "e" and not "a" as in "beluga."

Nonetheless, Pia showed she never loses poise and she's in control of any situation: from answering beauty pageant questions under time pressure, an awkward winning moment, and doing TV interviews, to handling--how a lot of Filipino netizens who have seen the show describe it--"bastos" questions from a prank caller.

Video Credit: YouTube/Pinoy Parazzo



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