See AGB ratings of Destined To Be Yours during its 13-week run

Destined To Be Yours, the first primetime series of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, is slated to end its run on GMA-7 this Friday, May 24.

For 13 weeks, the AlDub love team brought life to a young couple who met when they were young kids and were reunited when they grew up.

Sinag Obispo (played by Maine) worked as a DJ in a community radio station at her hometown of Pelangi (a fictional barangay in Quezon).

She crosses paths with Benjie Rosales (played by Alden) who had just graduated as an architect.

See for yourself the ratings performance of Destined To Be Yours compared to its ABS-CBN rival My Dear Heart during its 13-week run:

The pilot week of Destined To Be Yours started out strong compared to My Dear Heart, a fantasy drama series revolving around a young girl.

This ABS-CBN primetime series--starring Nayomi "Heart" Ramos, Zanjoe Marudo, Bela Padilla, and Coney Reyes--has been airing since January 23, 2017.

DBTY's pilot episode registered an ABG rating of 22.5% while My Dear Heart got 19.6%.


The following week, My Dear Heart was able to outperform Destined To Be Yours on March 9 when it got an AGB rating of 21.9 while DBTY got 20.7%.

During this episode dubbed #MDHGisingHeart, the child star who played Heart was able to open her eyes after coming from her coma.

NOTE: No AGB ratings data from March 13-24, 2017.

The March 27 episode marked the time when Destined To Be Yours registered a single-digit rating. Using the hashtag #DTBYPaalamNa, this episode showed the aftermath of the fire that struck the Obispo house.

Sinag tearfully bid farewell to her radio listeners by saying, "Eto po ang inyong Resident DJ Madam Damin signing off."

In this week, Destined To Be Yours was able to get slightly higher AGB ratings than its counterpart My Dear Heart.

The AlDub teleserye got double-digit ratings while the ABS-CBN show registered single-digit ratings during this period.

In the #DTBYSinagAndTrish episode aired last April 4, Badong (Juancho Trivino) asked her: "Sinag, pwede ba kitang maging girlfriend?"

Benjie was able to bump into Sinag during a party wherein he was dressed up as a prince while she was wearing a yellow gown. Benjie noted that they had not seen each other for a long time and Sinag replied that she was "super okay and super busy."

She made a request: "Pwede ba huwag mo na ako gambalin, ever again." She also asked him to call her Sunshine and to never tell Trish about their past closeness.

During the #DTBYAminan episode that got 11.2%, Sinag got drunk confessed her feelings for Benjie.


She tearfully admitted, "Nung dumating ka, hindi mo lang ako pinatay, tinorture mo pa ako. Pinaasa mo ako, Benjie. Bakit sa dinami-dami ng tao, ako ang niloko mo?

"Minahal naman kita, e...Dapat sasagutin na kita. Sana dun sa Facebook natin in a relationship na tayo kaso Benjie, poser ka."

During this week, Sinag and Benjie were able to see each other inside a church.

Trish (Thea Tolentino) was also mulling over the possibility of breaking up with Benjie.


During this week, Trish (Thea Tolentino) picked a fight with Sunshine (the new name of Sinag) at their office.

Trish angrily confronted Sunshine and told her, "Ikaw traydor ka, palibhasa mahirap ka, hindi ka pinag-aral ng nanay mo ng nabuti kaya ang kalandian mo namana mo sa nanay mo."

Sunshine fought back and when they were being reprimanded by their boss, Trish accused her by saying, "Inagawan kasi ako ng boyfriend."

The world of Sunshine and Benjie were rocked by a physical altercation that escalated to legal problems.

In a CCTV video shown during the #DTBYDemanda episode, the truth about the fight was finally revealed.

During this week, My Dear Heart was able to outperform Destined To Be Yours. This was mainly because of the big revelation on the Kapamilya show made by Dr. Margaret Divinagracia (Coney Reyes) to Clara (Bela Padilla) that baby Heart and baby Grace are one and the same.


Last Monday, May 22, Destined To Be Yours got an AGB rating of 9.9% and the following day, it got 9.3%.

Its counterpart program, My Dear Heart, got 9.8% last Monday but its rating jumped up to 11.1% last night, May 23.

In the latest episode of Destined To Be Yours, Benjie proposed to Sinag and asked her: "Will you marry me?"

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