"Katipunan, Mga Anak ng Bayan" to be staged on September 2

Gantimpala Theater actors stage the historical play Katipunan, Mga Anak ng Bayan, for free onSeptember 2 at the Luneta Park.

Kicking off the Pearl Theater Festival of Gantimpala Theateris the historical play Katipunan, Mga Anak ngBayan, which will be staged on Sunday, September 2.

Pamela Hundana and Remus Villanueva lead the cast of Katipunan, Mga Anak ng Bayan, that will performedby Gantimpala at the Concert at the Park Open Air Auditorium in Luneta.

This historical play written by Bonifacio Ilagan won first prize in the annualplaywriting contest sponsored by the Cultural Center of the Philippines in1978. The very first Gantimpala production is about the life story of the greatplebian and the father of the Katipunan, Andres Bonifacio. This historical playis about the events on the life of the Supremo prior to the tearing of thecedulas, which marked the start of the Philippine revolution.

Playing the leads are Lowell Conales (Andres Bonifacio), Pamela Hundana(Gregoria de Jesus), and Remus Villanueva (Emilio Jacinto).

"I'm familiar with the material but we put a twist in it,"says Jeffrey Camañag, the director of this Gantimpala Theater production. "Weincorporated hope into the play-the hope that Bonifacio imparted on the[Philippine] revolution."

Supporting the Pearl Theater Festival are Alice Borbe(production manager), Jeffrey Camañag (production designer), Andy Villareal(lights designer), Christopher David and Jeffrey Camañag (choreographers), andAndrew Alcoba, Shalo Ram anD Christopher David (stage managers).

The National Parks Development Committee (NPDC), Everbilena and Color Care arepartners of Gantimpala's Pearl Theater Festival.

Admission for the plays is for free and will be shown 7p.m.,at the Concert at the Park Open Air Auditorium, in Luneta

For inquiries about outreach performances, please call528-0503/536-5860 or write to: gantimpalaproduction@yahoo.com

Free admission.

Performance date: September 2 (7 p.m.)

Venue: Concert at the Park Open Air Auditorium, Luneta Park,Manila





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