Thought-provoking questions raised in "Children's Letters to God"

Children's Letters to God boasts of excellent performances from (L-R, clockwise)Aria Clemente, Tippy dos Santos, Marek Sison, Jaime Calabig, and Ruiz Sison.

Kids say the darndest things—and they ask the toughestquestions as well.

Children's Letters to God is a no-frills musical—theset has a minimalist look and the only props used by the cast members areplastic chairs and other small items that are carried easily by the children.There are no adults cast in the play so all your attention will be focused onthe young thespians whose ages range from 9 to 14 years old.

Actor's Actors Inc. (AAI) and Great.Events@Manila Inc.presented the Philippine premiere of this off-Broadway musical at the RCBCPlaza, Makati City, last August 30. PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) wasable to watch the first production of Children's Letters to God thatfeatures five youngsters who bombard God with their incessant questioning.

Joanna (Tippy dos Santos) and Kicker (Ruiz Sison) aresiblings who have a hard time dealing with each other, just like most brothersand sisters. Joanna often complains about her annoying brother but she isreally fond of Kicker, whom she calls Munchkin.

The two are friends with Iris (Aria Clemente), a young girlwho never parts with her pet turtle Arnold. Brett (Marek Sison) is a young ladwho undergoes a crisis when his parents decide to divorce. He is also the appleof Joanna's eye even though he might be clueless about girls. Theo (JaimeCalabig) has just celebrated his birthday and is keen to be accepted by hispeers even though he is taunted as a geek.

This one-and-a-half-hour musical play shows children wholift up to God their joys, worries, fears, and everyday concerns—making it areminder for kids and adults alike that the "Big G" is just a thought away.


Children's Letters to God is a Western play and itbecomes apparent when the children don winter clothing and sing about Hannukah,a Jewish festival that some Filipino children might not be too familiar with.

Tippy dos Santos—with her mestiza looks and authenticAmerican accent—really suits the role of Joanna. When she sings, you can onlylisten with rapt attention to her pure voice as it fills the RCBC Plaza. Shedefinitely stands out in this youth-oriented play especially when she getsemotional over her childhood infatuation with Brett.

Roberto Luis a.k.a. Ruiz Sison steals the limelight with hisone-liners that leave the audience in stitches. His comedic antics comenaturally, which is not surprising for a nine-year old boy, but he does have atendency to mumble his lines.

Aria Clemente, named Over-all Champion of the World in the2007 World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA), plays the eccentric yetlovable character Iris. She extols the advantages of having a pet turtle byasking, "How many pets can fit in your pocket?"

Sixteen tuneful songs and assorted scenes (some based onactual letters) will make you laugh our loud and ponder on universal issuessuch as sibling rivalry, divorce, holidays, the loss of a beloved pet, thetrials of being not athletic and young love.

Children's Letters to God will be re-staged this Octoberand will be toured in Cebu and Davao.

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