Gina Alajar to do stage acting once again

Veteran actress Gina Alajar (in photo) was personally handpicked by New York based writer Jessica Hagedorn to star in the stage adaptation of her controversial novel published in 1990 titled Dogeaters.

Aside from being part of GMA-7's television remake of the 1987 Sharon Cuneta blockbuster hit, Pasan Ko ang Daigdig, Gina Alajar is also set to return to the stage this November under the guidance of Filipino-Canadian director, Bobby Garcia.

"I'm doing a play, Dogeaters, it will be shown this November," Gina told Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP) in an interview at the Plaza Ybarra restaurant in Quezon City.

Gina is no novice when it comes to stage acting. Although she was part of the local version of the Vagina Monologues, it's been quite a while since Gina performed onstage.

The veteran actress admitted feeling hesitant when the play was offered to her but director Garcia's incessant prodding proved too much for her to resist. But the biggest deciding factor for Gina came from Philippine-raised and now New York-based writer Jessica Hagedorn.

"Bobby told me that Jessica Hagedorn, the writer of the play and the book, wants me to be in the play. At first medyo wary ako na tanggapin but Bobby assured me that everything would be okay. Wary ako kasi Ingles 'yon, e. Mas sanay ako ng Tagalog dahil I miss a line meron akong ipapalit. But Bobby naman assured me that it wouldn't be a problem," explained Gina, who was obviously flattered by the recommendation.

Published as a novel by Penguin Books in 1990, the Dogeaters is an angry tale of social injustice depicting the tumultuous administration of former President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife, Imelda. The novel earned a National Book Award nomination, as well as the top prize for the American Book Award of the Before Columbus Foundation.


ESTRANGED BUT CIVIL. Talking to Gina, of course, won't be complete without inquiring about her celebrity sons with estranged husband, Michael de Mesa.

"Ryan and Geoff are here and si AJ is in the States so kulang kami ngayon," beamed Gina, who will portray the role of Metring in Pasan ko ang Daigdig. The late actress Loretta Marquez originally played the said character in the movie version.

Being a mother to three good-looking boys is not too much of a problem according to Gina. Despite the fact that she is close with all three, she stressed that it is not her style to meddle in their personal affairs.

When asked if her boys consult her regarding their love life, she said: "Hindi masyado kasi siguro they talk to their dad most about it kasi lalaki sa lalaki."

"Although si Ryan nagtatanong every now and then pero wala naman s'yang problema ngayon kaya hindi s'ya nagtatanong sa 'kin," she admitted.

How about her own love life?

"Huwag na nating pag-usapan ‘yon kasi wala akong iku-kuwento tungkol dun," she laughed heartily.

Her relationship with her ex-husband remains cordial and they talk once in a while although they limit their discussions to their children.

"It's okay. Nag-uusap lang kami ‘pag dating sa mga bata. Nothing else," stressed Gina.

The courts officially annulled Gina Alajar and Michael de Mesa's 23-year marriage last year.





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