Repertory Philippines' "Love's Labor's Lost" ends this weekend

(From left, clockwise) Gabs Santos, Nic Manahan, and Epy Quizon star in Repertory Philippines' version of Love'sLabor's Lost. Bart Guingona directs this nostalgic play set in theUniversity Belt area circa 1980s.

Love's Labor's Lost is one of William Shakespeare's earlierworks and in many ways was his prototype for the later, more arrestingcomedies. What primarily attracteddirector Bart Guingona to Love's Labor'sLost was its innocence and playfulness.

Plus, it carries some of the mostbeautiful lines to come out of the Shakespearean canon: "A lover's eyeswill gaze an eagle blind, a lover's ear will hear the lowest sound..." or"From women's eyes this doctrine I derive; they are the books, the artsthe academes that show, contain and nourish all the world."

Guingona was certainwhen he first played the male lead many years ago that the play would fly witha modern audience. He kept telling himself that this play should and would beappreciated by today's audience if they saw themselves in it. That to him wasthe hallmark of being a classic—the ability to survive any contemporaryrendition through time.

Apartfrom being confined to a world that seemed impervious to the goings-on ofthe outside world, the students in Love'sLabor's Lost had something in common with the Catholic co-ed school where Guingona grewup. They lived their lives as if courtship and flirtation were the end-allof existence. And rightly so. They were forced to grow up when events beyondtheir control forced them to.

With personalnostalgia, director Bart Guingona remembers his own coming-of-age in the 80'sand the political events of the time that forced maturity upon him. All ofthese and more can be expected in this Repertory Philippines production of Love'sLabor's Lost.

Join NiccoloManahan, Epy Quizon, Hans Eckstein, Gabs Santos, Micah Muñoz, Jenny Jamora,Crisel Consunji, Caisa Borromeo, and Cris Villonco as they portray the studentlovers of Shakespeare's mostflamboyant and intellectual play. Setin the ‘80s in Manila's University Belt right before the Edsa Revolution, thedays of Bagets, "Spandau Ballet," women with big hair, raccoon eyes,and "what-were-you-thinking" fashionsense.


Love's Labor's Lost is showing on October 5 and 6 at 8:00 pm andOctober 7 at 3:30 pm. Call the Repertory office at 887-0710 or Ticketworld at891-9999.

Venue: Onstage,Greenbelt 1, Makati City





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