PETA stages Wally Watthead and his Lost Glow starting November 14

Children's show, Wally Watthead and his Lost Glow, will be staged at PETA starting November 14, 2014.

Light bulbs falling in love? Photo frames as leading ladies? How about simcards as dashing sidekicks? All these and more in PETA Theater Center’s upcoming treat for the whole family.

This November 14-16 and November 21-23 every 10 am and 3pm, the PETA Theater Center stages Finland’s Amazing Magic Theater’s Wally Watthead and his Lost Glow.

Join Wally Watthead, his best friend Simon the Simcard and leading lady Polly the Picture, as they try to find out: where did Wally’s light go?

In this children’s show devised by magician Janne Raudaskoski, lead character Wally Watthead levitates, shrinks and grows right before your very eyes.

Raudaskoski not only does magic tricks, but also acts onstage with multimedia characters such as screen-projected Polly Picture, played by Tuija Nuojua Raudaskoski, and an interactive robot-like mascot of Simon the Simcard, voiced by Jonathan Hutchings.

Wally Watthead and his Lost Glow combines magic, clowning, mime, black light theatre, video, various special effects, and plenty of laughs for kids, parents--and even grandparents--to enjoy!

Once again, the PETA Theater Center flips the cliché “all the world’s a stage” through its latest offerings, and becomes ‘a stage to all the world’ by hosting unique international performances such as Finland’s Wally Watthead and his Lost Glow.

Tickets are P800 for VIP and P600 for regular audiences.

For tickets, contact Ticketworld at 891-9999 or visit Ticketworld Online.

Interested parties may also contact the PETA Theater Center at Tel. No. 725-6244 loc 21-23, 0915-4933728 or email





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