Experience real Disney magic with Disney Live! at Kia Theatre (formerly New Frontier Theater)

Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival will be staged at the Kia Theatre from September 1-6, 2015.


From September 1 to 6, experience the magical world of Disney firsthand as Feld Entertainment brings your beloved characters to Manila with Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival, a Disney rock concert LIVE at the Kia Theatre.

Expect an exhilarating show and get mesmerized by the show’s elaborate set designs, costumes, and technology that will make this year’s staging grander and unforgettable.

“We’ve got amazing lights, amazing music, amazing special effects, incredible video. It’s really like going to see a rock concert for a major artist,” shared director and choreographer Fred Tallaksen.

Scenic designer Rick Papineau shared how this year’s overall design is aimed at transporting the Filipino audience to the enchanting world of Aladdin, the Little Mermaid, and Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story.

“My favorite set piece I designed for the show is undoubtedly the transforming stage. One of the unique features of the stage is it can expand and contract and snap into place. We also have an elevator where performers sneak in backstage and we pop them up during the scene. What we also took into account was that we go to so many different places. We may be in the desert for Aladdin and then we may go underwater for Little Mermaid. The color palette reflects that.”

Rick Papineau added how everything was a collaborative effort with all members of the creative team working together to create dynamic scenes throughout the show. “I think scene design process has to take into account all the other ends of the creative spectrum specifically set design has to work with the costume design because we don’t want to overshadow the performers.”

Moreover, Feld Entertainment lighting director Sam Doty shared how this year’s show is unlike any other Disney Live! shows.

“The lighting for this show is insane! It has 750 cues overall and the opening itself in 3 minutes music has 150 lighting cues!”

The production also boasts of its use of virtual reality technologies that make the scenes highly interactive, creating a more immersive experience for viewers.

“What’s great about having these video screens in the show is we can take the background almost to a new level. Instead of backdrops like in a normal play what we have is live action video. Our scenery can move the entire time and you’re not stuck in just a painting,” said Multimedia Designer Wes Bernick.

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