"Ang Mga Lorena" to be staged at UP Diliman

SINAGBAYAN pays tribute to women leaders Sherlyn Cadapan, Karen Empeño and poet Ma. Lorena Barros through the production Ang Mga Lorena. This documentary play will be staged at UP Diliman on December 9 and December 11.

How do lovers of the martyred turn their grief to songs for justice? Where do parents of the disappeared find strength as everyday they painstakingly wait and search? What hope can people hold as they are bombarded by a seemingly structural crisis after crisis? And where are the youth who will vibrantly stand and optimistically rock our world?

Ang Mga Lorena
is a story of revelation, a journey of unconditional sacrifice yet worth the dawning of a culture that unites the aggrieved and powerless. It is a documentary play based on testimonies of families, friends, lovers, journalists and the common tao as among those who came to know them, Lorenas of our time.

As SINAGBAYAN's contribution to the U.P. Centennial Foundation commemoration and the 60th Anniversary of the International Declaration to the Respect to Human Rights, it is a tribute to women leaders of the premier university such as Sherlyn Cadapan, Karen Empeño and poet Ma. Lorena Barros.

Lorena Barros is an AB Anthropology Magna Cum Laude UP student and instructor who stepped up in the '70s and became one of leading icons for women empowerment, people's poetry and collective action for development. Sherlyn Cadapan is a tri-athlete and sprint champion who also served as College Representative of the College of Human Kinetics. Karen Empeño, on the other hand, is a musician and was working on her thesis for her Sociology course, a research on the songs of the peasantry which led her to Central Luzon being the rice basket of the country and home of many originally composed songs of the peasantry. Barros died in 1976 while fighting for the people's cause. Cadapan and Empeño have been missing since 2006.

The Lorenas share their simple lives, laughter and tears through songs, poems, dances and monologues from secret detention cells, burning chambers, and monumental graves where they were last found. In the tradition of dramatists Bertolt Brech and Augusto Boal, the play then brings the challenge to the audience to fulfill the call of relentless service.

For the benefit of Sining Damayan Medical Fund, tickets are priced at P100 and P120. For reservations, contact Manga at 0906-5895381.


December 9 (Tuesday) 10 am
December 11 (Thursday) 2 pm & 7 pm

UP Film Institute Cine Adarna, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City






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