"Joseph the Dreamer" to be restaged after 2 years

Joseph the Dreamer was last produced by Trumpets in September-December 2006. In the 2009 edition, Franco Laurel (in photo) portrays Joseph, the young man who can interpret dreams according to the Old Testament.

Joseph the Dreamer opens with a rousing song as the reconciled family of Jacob and his twelve sons celebrate God's goodness. Then there is a flashback to the times that led to this joyous occasion.

Joseph is the eleventh son of Jacob and his obvious favorite. Joseph is so favored that he is gifted with a coat of many colors. This, of course, is kindling for the fires of sibling rivalry and does not bode well for Joseph, especially after he candidly tells his brothers about his dreams that they will one day bow down to him. The jealous brothers plot his downfall. They sell Joseph to traveling slave traders and tell their father Jacob that he is dead. The oldest brother Reuben tried to save him but he is too late and prays that God will be with Joseph.

Joseph is alone and discouraged but clings to the hope that God is in control of his life. In Egypt, he is sold to Potipar, captain of Pharoah's guard, who notices Joseph's abilities for administration and promotes him to Overseer over the entire household. Unfortunately, Joseph is also noticed by Mrs. Potipar, who tries to seduce him. Joseph rejects her advances and in retaliation Mrs. Potiphar accuses him of rape. He is thrown into prison by the angry Potipar.

Alone again, Joseph still clings to God. And even in jail, his God-given gifts cannot be hidden. He finds favor with his fellow prisoners and the jail warden. Joseph successfully interprets the dreams of Pharoah's butler and baker. The butler promises to put in a good word for Joseph. Two years later, the butler seems to have forgotten and Joseph is encouraged by the warden's mother. But the butler does remember Joseph when Pharoah has a series of disturbing dreams. Joseph is brought before Pharoah, interprets his dreams accurately and suggests a solution to the impending problem. Greatly impressed, Pharoah makes Joseph Governor over all the land.

It is as Governor of Egypt that Joseph again meets the brothers who have wronged him. There is a famine in Canaan and they have come to buy grain from Egypt. The brothers bow down to a Joseph they do not recognize, begging to sell them much-needed grain, and thus fulfilling a dream of long ago. Vengeance would have been easy for Joseph but he chooses God's way—forgiveness. The entire family is reconciled—Jacob and Joseph, the brothers and their families. They all live together in abundance and wealth in Egypt and sing in joyful celebration.

Tickets to Joseph the Dreamer are priced at P300, P500, P800, and P1000

Please call SM Ticketnet at 911-5555 and Trumpets Musicademy (Shang Mall) at 636-2842 for reservations.

Joseph the Dreamer (2009)

Book & Direction - Freddie Santos
Music & Lyrics - Cam Floria


Franco Laurel as Joseph
Sheila Francisco as the Warden's Momma
PJ Valerio as Benjamin
Pam G as Mrs. Potiphar
Analin Bantug as Asenath (Joseph's Wife)
Raymund Concepcion as Jacob
Meynard Peñalosa as Reuben
Boyd Tinio as Pharaoh/Warden
Viking Valasote as Potiphar
Butch Montejo as the Butler

Performances: January 30, 2009 (3 pm) and January 31, 2009 (3 pm and 8 pm)

Venue: SM Megamall Cinema 4






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