Philippine High School for the Arts now accepting applications for scholarships

The Philippine High School for the Arts, located in Mt. Makiling, Los Baños, is looking for 40 artist-scholars for SY 2010-2011.

Veteran stage director and actor Nanding Josef is back in Makiling, Los Baños, Laguna as the Executive Director of the Philippine High School for the Arts (PHSA). He spearheads the annual search for primary-school graduates worthy of becoming PHSA artist-scholars.

Josef’s team, composed of experts in the arts, is looking for 40 Grade 6 or Grade 7 students graduating this March 2010, with exceptional talents in any of the fields of dance (ballet or folk dance), music (instrumentalist or vocalist), theater, visual arts and creative writing.

The PHSA spends a huge amount of public funds for each of its scholars, hence, only 40 incoming freshmen can be admitted into the program. This year’s screening committee is exerting much effort to ensure that the 40 qualified applicants are the best young artists of their generation.

Since the funds for the 4-year special training in the arts come from the taxpayers, the Executive Director assures the public that young artists even from the most remote areas are informed about the search and auditions. All applicants are given equal chance to vye for the scholarship.

Each PHSA scholar will be provided with free tuition, housing, food and a monthly allowance. Total expense for each student is expected to reach almost P300,000 per year.

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