Ben & Sam is rated R-18 by the MTRCB

Ray An Dulay and Jess Mendoza star in this gay love story flick titled Ben & Sam. Directed by Mark Shandii Bacolod, this indie film is currently being screened in Robinson Cinemas, Isetann Recto, Remar-Cubao, Roben and in Cebu.

Mark Shandii Bacolod’s gay love story flick Ben & Sam will open in select Metro Manila theaters this Wednesday, March 10. Direk Mark previously helmed the Lance Raymundo-starrer Fidel.

Ben (Ray An Dulay) is a college student who seems to be the most popular guy in campus. He lives a very luxurious life. And everything seems to be perfect and grand. Not really. He has never recovered from the horrors of his childhood under the hands of an abusive father (Tony Lapena).

His mother (Ana Abad Santos) is suffering from an acute case of post-traumatic stress disorder—making her slowly lose her sanity. Aside from this dilemma, Ben has yet to face his greatest challenge—accepting who he really is and fighting for the person he really loves.

Sam (Jess Mendoza) is the new guy in campus. He has transferred from the province, carrying with him the burden of a painful past: his boyfriend, a student activist, was killed. All through out, he shares everything that is happening to him to a mysterious caller.

Ben is athletic. Sam is artistic. Ben is sad. And so is Sam. Ben is committed. Sam is waiting. The first kiss will reverse how their old world turns. The second kiss will stop their new found world from turning.

Their seemingly perfect life becomes disrupted as rumors spread across the campus. Suddenly, they become the butts of the jokes. They are dubbed as the Campus Queers. George (Micah Munoz), who is Ben’s best friend, is secretly jealous of everything that Ben has: his girlfriend (Tara Cabaero), his popularity, his otherwise charmed life—until he discovers that Ben is someone he doesn’t really like. They may never have a gay ending.

Ben & Sam was the opening film at the Queer Lovefest at Robinsons Galleria last month. It is rated R-18 by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board.


It will be shown at the following cinemas: Robinson Cinemas, Isetann Recto, Remar-Cubao, Roben and in Cebu. Ben & Sam is distributed by Ignatius Film Productions.





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