Indie film "Casa" to be screened in select theaters starting August 1

(From left) Mikaela Espinosa, Michael Rivero, Asia Agcaoili, and Paolo Paraiso star in a steamy digital film directed by Deo Fajardo, Jr.

Casa is the latest indie film megged bydirector Deo Fajardo, Jr. The movie stars Asia Agcaoili, Paolo Paraiso andMichael Rivero. Casa, which means "house" in the Spanish language, isabout three people living-in together under one roof—the beautiful wife, herformer lover, and her blind husband. The FHM columnist even has lovescenes with another woman, Mikaela Espinosa, in the said digital film.

Deo’s indie film tells the story of a soldier’s wife(Asia) who after learning that his husband (Michael) has gone "missing inaction" rekindled an old flame (Paolo). However, months later, her husband, whois temporarily blinded after doing combat in Mindanao, returns home. Because ofhis injury, he remains ignorant of the fact that he is sharing their casa("house") with his wife’s ex-lover.

This suspense-thriller isset to open in selecttheaters starting today, August 1.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) talked to thefilm’s director Deo and here’s what he told us about Casa.

Is Casa your first indie movie?

It’s not my first indie. I’ve done G.I. Joey,a gay indie film, starring William Redmond. There’s also Xerox Copy,also a gay film with Jao Mapa who portrayed four different roles.

How did you motivate your artists to do daring scenes,especially Paolo Paraiso, since this is his first daring film?

Hindi mahirap idirek sa sexy scenes si Paolo, kasi,di ba, member siya ng isang hunk group [The Hunks]? And the mere fact na siAsia [Agcaoili] ang kapareha niya, aware siya na may sexy scenes. Binasa niyaang script at kailangan naman talaga. Asia also, walang inhibitions. Same withMichael [Rivero]. Alam nila na kailangan talaga ‘yon.

Gaano kalapit sa realidad ang istorya ng Casa?

Malapit sa realidad, kasi, kaya maraming domesticproblem lalo na sa marriage ang kataksilan, di ba?


How "bold" is the movie?

Knowing Asia is in the lead role, who is a "sexguru," you can just imagine how bold the film is. But it’s tolerable with art.

What is the redeeming factor of the movie?

Infidelity should be erased. ‘Yan ang cause or rootng trouble sa mundo...domestic and global, ‘di ba?

How is Casa different from other indiefilms that have sex and violence as ingredients?

Thelook of Casa. Hindi siya mukhang indie na kinunan ng video cam. 35mmsiya in terms of production value. Sex and violence is natural because of theplot, [which is] infidelity.

Ang naturang pelikula ay first venture ng ArtisteEntertainment Works International ni Tonet Gedang at line-produced ito nina Edat Cherry Domingo ng Colours Films & Entertainment International ProductionInc.





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