Catch the latest season of Asian Air Safari on ANC

Discover and experience Africa from the unique perspective of a real-life pilot in the newest and seventh season of Asian Air Safari on July 22, Sunday, on ANC.

Host and producer Capt. Joy Roa will take the viewers past popular tourist spots, immersing in the wild, culture, people, sights, and cuisine of the most exotic locations in the continent.

The only aviation and travel adventure show in Asia will also show the spectacular vistas that can only be seen from the skies.

Other travels to look forward to, according to Capt. Joy:

  • a stopver in New Delhi
  • a helicopter race against motorcycles from Manila to Laoag City
  • a tour of Oshima Island, Japan
  • and flying with the brand new Phenom 300 jet with visits in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia, before landing in Perth, Australia.

"Flying on my own makes the world smaller and allows me to accomplish more by saving a lot of time.

"Traveling enables me to deepen my understanding of the world through seeing the great structures and monumebnts made throughout the history of different cultures," says Capt. Joy, who is also the organizer of the annual Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

His show also aims to uplift the country's reputation as a premier tourist destination.

"We make a conscious effort to reveal the often overlooked places and make known how important it is for the country to recognize the potential and invest in developing it," he affirms.

In addition, the pilot with 34-year experience in the field wants to "encourage the new generation of aviators to start their careers early."

Check out the world's most breathtaking destinations without leaving the comfort of your homes in Asian Air Safari every Sunday, at 8:30 p.m. on ANC.





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