Born to be Wild celebrates 5th anniversary on GMA-7


"In the midst of heated discussions and debates on then-current political and social issues, GMA Network heeded another kind of calling: that of the wildlife and the environment. Thus, it was in 2007 when the first environmental show on Philippine television was developed. Now, after five successful years, Born To Be Wild remains as the country’s leader in nature and wildlife documentary-making.

"Reaping recognition in the Philippines and internationally—from the ASEAN to New York, the multi-awarded environmental program continues to develop itself to give its viewers the best in environmental reportage. It has also helped raise awareness on critical environmental issues such as mining, water scarcity and deforestation.

"Over the years, the Born team has responded to numerous wildlife emergencies, rescue missions here and abroad, and has contributed to the documentation of many endemic species from all over the country.

"The show’s spin-off series, The Born Expeditions, has brought viewers a glimpse of rarely seen moments in nature. Recently, the show added another arm to its advocacy—Born IMPACT (I Make A Promise to ACT), a movement which encourages viewers to pledge their own solutions to help save the environment.

"As it reaches its milestone fifth year, Born To Be Wild renews its commitment to raising awareness on protecting the environment, with expert veterinarians Doc Nielsen Donato and the returning Doc Ferds Recio.

“Our team up with Doc Ferds will give you double the wildlife experience, more close animal encounters, and also some wildlife medicine,” says Doc Nielsen of the program’s recent move to bring the two veterinarians together, the first on national TV.

"To kick off the fifth anniversary series is Doc Ferds’ return to the island of Sabang in Palawan to document the behavior of monitor lizards inhabiting the area. More interest arises when a study confirms that these monitor lizards belong to a subspecies endemic to the Philippines and can only be found in this area of the world—theVaranus Palawanensis.

"Doc Nielsen, known for his fearless snake encounters, extends his mission to bring home venom samples that will be used as life-saving anti-venin as he visits the province of Bukidnon to once again face the Philippine Cobra, this time with two other species: the Samar Cobra and the deadliest King Cobra.

"The veterinarian shares that it is his goal to make the people understand the importance of such species in our ecosystem and by hosting the program, he feels a sense of accomplishment. He shares, “Born has helped in my advocacy in educating people about conservation and respecting our wildlife.”

"The vets are in. Don’t miss the fifth anniversary series of Born to be Wild, starting Wednesday, October 10, after Saksi on GMA-7."

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