Sid Lucero and Glaiza de Castro depict the strong bond between Andres Bonifacio and Oriang in Katipunan

PRESS STATEMENT FROM GMA-7, printed in full, as is:

Love and war are the same thing, and stratagem and policies are as allowable in one as in the other,” said a famous 14th century Spanish writer.

In this episode of Katipunan, Andres Bonifacio shows he is a master tactician, employing stratagems and policies in love as in war.

Andres treats courtship like a battlefield requiring tactics, patience, and careful planning. For her part, Gregoria de Jesus (Oriang) shows that despite her tender age, she is a brilliant tactician herself.

Andres is at a disadvantage in courting Oriang. He is a widower several rungs lower the social ladder than Oriang’s other suitors, and is much older than the woman he loves. Yet he wins.

Still not out of her teens, Oriang does what no one else has probably done at that time in the name of love: she seeks legal help to be with Andres. In this episode, she proves that she is a woman ahead of her time.

The two marry twice. The first is at a church in Manila , the other in a secret rite with their fellow Katipuneros.

This Saturday’s episode outlines the strong bond between Andres and Oriang, one that will see them through the numerous battles they will face as husband and wife.

Katipunan’s cast is led by Sid Lucero as Andres and Glaiza de Castro as Oriang. Benjamin Alves stars as Sebastian while Dominic Roco plays Pacquing. Roi Vinzon plays the role of the ruthless Padre Villalon.

Created by Program Manager Jaileen Jimeno and written by Ian Victoriano, the historical docudrama is directed by King Marc Baco. Production work is led by Program Manager Nowell Cuanang and Executive Producer Jayson Santos. It is being filmed using Sony Cinemaalta F3 cameras provided by Solid Video. CMB Film Services Inc. provided lenses and other high-end equipment. Post production was done at Quantum Films.

Love in the time of war in this week’s episode of Katipunan, which airs Saturday, 10:15 PM on GMA-7.






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