How viewers can watch Karylle's Singaporean TV show Private Investigator

Karylle recently shared her gift of song to her fans by holding a free show at the UP Technohub fountain area.

Performing with her KPH Band, Karylle reprised her catalog of original compositions from  her album, A Different Playground. She is currently in the midst of her promotional sorties for her latest single titled "Baliktanaw."

Karylle happily reports that the Singapore run of her suspense/crime/action series, Private Investigator (P.I.) has just ended. The series started airing last January 9 via Singapore’s Mediacorp Ch. 5.

“After all the hard work and all that crazy traveling last year, I’m so glad that we’ve had a great run in Singapore!” 

However, because of the limited access here in the Philippines, Karylle enjoins her fans to watch it via the Toggle app.

“They can access the app from Facebook or any other social media platform. They can catch all thirteen episodes from there. I hope they can watch and share one of my moments of triumph.”

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Karylle learned pole dancing for her TV series in Singapore



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