Manila Improv Festival 2017 offers comedy shows starting March 22

Improv and comedy fans, get ready for the Manila Improv Festival 2017. Viewers will get to enjoy watching unscripted and spontaneous shows this March.

The Silly People's Improv Theater (SPIT), in collaboration with PETA, rounds up the best local and international improvisational comedy groups in a 5-day festival.

From March 22-26, viewers can enjoy improvisational comedy with over 20 improv groups from all over the Philippines and the globe.

This 5th edition will feature international improvisers from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Osaka, Tokyo, Mumbai and Brisbane, and showcase Filipino improvisers from Manila, Bacolod and Cagayan de Oro.

Aside from improv performances, the public can also take part in workshops and see exhibits at Asia’s biggest improv festival to be held at the PETA Theatre in Quezon City.

According to SPIT founder Gabe Mercado, doing the festival at the PETA Theater Center is their way of coming home since "PETA was the very first group that brought improv to the Philippines in the early 70s."

Tickets and festival passes to performances and workshops are available through the PETA Theater Center and through Ticketworld.

Venue: PETA Theater Center, No. 5 Eymard Drive, Brgy. Kristong Hari, New Manila, Quezon City

Zmack (Shanghai)

Zmack presents “Snap!”
(Long Form)
Show Description: Snap! performs musical improvisation.

The 4th Players (Manila)

(Long Form)
Show Description: Tapat (adj.) – truthful, honest, sincere.
T4P4T (improv show.) – The 4th Players for Truth.
An extended examination of truth with The 4th Players.

852 Crew (Hong Kong)

“Welcome to the 852”
(Long Form)
Show Description: Long-form improv, heavily inspired by the popular ASSSSCAT format.

The Modern Schemers (Singapore)

“Lazer Shark”
(Short Form)
Show Description: Lazer Shark is a love letter to bizarre game shows and a challenge to improvisers: what if, instead of a set list, the performers have no idea what games they’re going to play?


One and a Half Men Improv (Manila)

“Family Three”
(Long Form)
Show Description: Follow the stories of three different families as they try to keep their dysfunctional but lovable home lives intact, all while dealing with a life-changing problem that may reveal how their stories are not as different as it seems.

Crammers’ Collective (Manila)

“A Pusoy Kind of Life”
(Experimental Improv)
Show Description: Ever feel that you have been dealt a bad hand? Watch how the powers that be control the lives of our players!

Karate Tuesday (Hong Kong)

“The Armando”
(Long Form)
Show Description: The Armando starts with a storytelling-style monologue based on an audience suggestion. Players play improvised scenes inspired by the monologue.

SPIT (Manila)

(Long Form)
Show description: An improvised beauty contest that is neither about beauty or the contest.

ImproviJason (Manila)

“Of Pavements and Waterfalls”
Type of Show: Short Form
Show Description: Five Jasons walk onto an improv stage. Hilarity ensues.

Where’s Mariana? (Manila)

“Lost and Found”
(Short Form)
Show Description: See if Where’s Mariana? find what they are searching for through improv comedy.

Singkit Improv (Binondo)

“Chink Outside The Box”
(Short Form)
Show Description: Oriental offspring of business-minded parents attempt improvisational comedy as they struggle through the normal things in life, like trying not to get kidnapped and resisting the urge to not simply stab their siomai with chopsticks.

ImproMafia (Brisbane)
(Long Form)
Show Description: Sometimes you just need to
have the conversation.

6PM (Manila)
“After Hours”
(Short Form)
Show Description: A collection of good and bad life choices put onstage.

MAIS (Manila)
(Short Form)
Show Description: Welcome to the Cornycopia, a place where the children of the corn come to play and create an abundance of aMAISing laughs!

The Latecomers (Singapore)
“Improv with the Latecomers”
(Short Form)
Show Description: Fast and inappropriate, multi-racial and colorful.


Is It Wednesday Yet? (Manila)

“True the Fire, True the Limit, True the Wall”
(Long Form)
Show Description: Is It Wednesday Yet? is performing The Harold, a long-form improv format of 3 different stories moving forward together in 3 separate acts.

BO$$ (Singapore)

“Show ‘EmWho’s BO$$”
(Long Form)
Show Description: With the audience’s suggestions, BO$$ tells true stories about their lives to inspire fictional stories onstage in a format called the Armando.

One of Us is Drunk (Singapore)

“One of Us is Drunk”
(Long Form)
Show Description: One of the players is impaired. Figure out which one.

Dulaang Atenista (Cagayan de Oro)

“No Prob, It’s Improv”
(Short Form)
Show Description: No Prob, It’s Improv is Dulaang Atenista’s improvisational act, the only one in Cagayan de Oro, that showcases on-the-spot performances.

Lipstick Therapy (Manila)

“Medyo Parang Keri Lang”
(Long Form)
Show Description: Ang grupong maraming issues.

Switch (Manila)

“Turn On the Fun!”
(Short Form)
Show Description: Switch will perform scenes, games and a song or two based from the suggestions coming from the audience.

Improv Comedy Mumbai (Mumbai)

Show Description: Improviser will take suggestions from the audience and create scenes. These scenes will resemble the entertainment and drama of a Bollywood movie.

ISAW (Manila)
“I came Isaw Iconquered”
(Short Form)
Show Description: A mixed band of misfits show you street-style improv.

ASAP (Singapore)
“Chicken Soap for the Soul”
(Long Form)
Show Description: An improvised soap opera.

3 Dudes (Hong Kong)
(Short Form)

Bacolod Improv Group (Bacolod)

People’s Liberation Improv (Hong Kong)
(Short Form)
Show Description: Short-form silliness with a Hong Kong twist.

Katipunan Improv (Manila)
(Long Form)
Show Description: We’re practicing the development of patient, immersive, long scenes usually initiated by two players.





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