Alicia Meyer's character in Sisid admits being mastermind behind killing of Angelu de Leon


"Viewers of GMA Network's Sisid can look forward to more explosive plot twists and big confrontations as the high-rating afternoon series concludes with an exciting final two weeks.

"Now down to its last 10 days, Sisid has remained undefeated in its timeslot, consistently enjoying high numbers since it premiered last May 30. The drama series spawned a huge number of followers who got hooked not only on the intriguing love story of Eden and Sig played by Jackie Rice and Dominic Roco but also on the main heroine's quest to find the missing "perlante".

"This week, the drama intensifies after Alona (Alicia Meyer) gave a startling confession of how she masterminded the killing of Eden's mother Alicia (Angelu de Leon). Both Eden and Sig were shocked on this revelation and realized that their constant bickering and fighting were all rooted in lies and completely baseless.

"Sig confronted his mother and escorted Alona to jail. Now that her greatest adversary is behind bars, will Eden's woes and misfortunes come to an end? Will Eden and Sig patch up their differences and rekindle their romance?


"Meanwhile, Ahmed discovers Eden's plans to move to another country and start anew. Still hopelessly in love with his bestfriend, Ahmed will do anything to get Eden back into his life. Will Ahmed succeed in winning back Eden's love?

"What will happen to the complicated love triangle of Eden, Sig and Ahmed? And if Eden and Sig reunite, will Ahmed yield or will he fight for the woman he loves?

"Under the direction of Ricky Davao, Sisid airs weekdays after Sinner or Saint on GMA-7's Dramarama sa Hapon."

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