Diether Ocampo and Glaiza de Castro explore the Philippine recording scene in Rakenrol


"The greatest names in the History of Philippine Rock and Roll: The Juan Dela Cruz Band, The Dawn, The Eraserheads and... "HAPIPAKS"?! After five long years and thousands of fans on Facebook clamouring for its release, the story of the greatest Filipino rock and roll band you've never heard of is finally making it's way to the big screen, in the highly anticipated film, Rakenrol.

"With its play date finally set on September 21, Rakenrol, directed by Quark Henares, has already received acclaim overseas, having been screened in The Udine Film Festival in Italy, and the Asia Pacific Film Festival in Los Angeles. The movie has also been invited to be screened at several more international film festivals in Hawaii, G├Âteborg, San Diego and New York. Most recently, it was the closing film of the 2011 Cinemalaya Film Festival, where it played to a star studded Standing Room Only crowd at the main theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

"Rakenrol then continued to live up to its name and made this year's CineMalaya one for the ages, by throwing a concert at the Harbour Square at CCP, with big name bands such as Itchyworms, Ciudad, Taken by Cars, Pedicab performing to a jampacked crowd.

"Even years before its release, Rakenrol, which stars Diether Ocampo as hunky rock star "Jacci Rocha", Glaiza de Castro as the aspiring front woman of "Hapipaks" and Jason Abalos as her best friend and the band's song writer, has already developed a loyal group of followers that have been eagerly waiting for the film to open nationwide. The official Facebook page alone has gathered nearly 7,000 "likes", with all its members excited over the movie's final release date.

"Rakenrol is the brainchild of Henares and Diego Castillo, two stalwarts in the local rock and roll scene. Henares is the front man for the band, "Us -2 Evil -0", while Castillo is the guitarist for the popular rock band, "Sandwich". The Story revolves around In the film, Irene (De Castro) and Odie (Abalos) as best friends brought together by their common love for Rock n' Roll. Odie eventually falls in love with Irene, and helps fulfil her dreams of forming a band. They eventually recruit an ex-punk-turned-barista named Mo (Ketchup Eusebio) and the school bully Junfour (Alwyn Uytingco), thus, the band "HAPIPAKS" was born.


"As the band goes on the difficult path to finding their place in the in the music industry, Irene is wooed by her "all-time supercrush", the famous rockstar Jacci Rocha (Ocampo), and the one thing that brought her and Odie together might end up destroying them. The supporting characters add color and humor to the cast, with Ramon Bautista as the music video director Flame Tigerbl├╝den, Ricardo Cepeda as a samurai marketing guru, Jun Sabayton as Mo's artist roommate, and Matet de Leon as... Matet de Leon.

"Rakenrol opens nationwide on September 21, 2011, in theatres nationwide, and is produced by Furball and Reality Entertainment, in cooperation with PostManila."

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