Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition contenders now on their third heat

PHOTO CAPTION: (From left) Chef Jayps Anglo, Chef Lau Laudico, Judy Ann Santos and Chef Ferns Aracama help mentor the young contestants of Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition.


"A delectably exciting seafood challenge awaits the 20 contestants in the Third Heat of Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition this Saturday (September 10), where ten will be carried on to the Top 30 of the newest cooking reality show.

"The kiddie cooks will make their finest seafood dishes not only to captivate the judges and host Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo but also to demonstrate their creativity and resourcefulness in preparing them.

"Who among the kiddie cooks will present mouth-watering dishes such as salmon with spinach cannelloni and caviar, sinanglay na tilapia with kamias and oyster sauce, and nilasing na hipon?

"Kids and grown-ups will surely dash to the kitchen to make their own versions of sinanglay na tilapia with kamias and oyster sauce, salmon fillet wrapped in bacon with exotica sauce, seafood pasta with seared tuna, and many more.

"Get inspired by the kids' stories and know how they started cooking at a very young age.

"Admittedly astonished by the kids' cooking prowess, Chef Rolando "Lau" Laudico says that he sees himself in them.

"When you see kids cooking, you're relieving your childhood. I like that feeling that you're a child again," he shares.

"Known as "The Rebel," Chef Lau demonstrates broad knowledge of food preparation. At age 24, he served as a dishwasher for the La Primavera restaurant--far from the perceived glitz of the profession. He then formalized his culinary training at the Culinary Institute of America and L' Essentiel in France.

"Meanwhile, many have admired the program's three chef judges in terms of guiding the kids and offering them advice on cooking techniques and performance.

"In fact, Chef JP "Jayps" Anglo recognizes that the reality show might augment his popularity among women.


"He even admits that since having gone to cooking school, his "love life has improved dramatically." He recounts the dish he cooked on his first date with a girl--a clam and couscous recipe.

"At that time it was the most glamorous-sounding dish and couscous is sexy to eat," he quips.

"However, he shares that to many, a special serving of oysters is the best way to win a girl's heart.

"Meanwhile, data from Kantar media revealed that the Second Heat of Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition last Saturday obtained a 26.7 percent in the national primetime ratings, beating rival GMA-7's Manny Many Prizes which only got 13.5 percent.

"Viewers relished the program's Second Heat last Saturday where ten out of 20 kids whose desserts appealed to the judges' sweet tooth were selected. In the fiesta-themed First Heat last August 27, the kids had to conceive delicacies and specialties from their hometown.

"Don't miss the kiddie cooks demonstrate their cooking prowess and impart their dreams to become a real master chef in Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition this Saturday (September 8), 6:45 PM after Wansapanataym on ABS-CBN."

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