Roderick Paulate's character in Munting Mahadera is tricked into admitting homosexuality


"GMA-7's Spooky Nights Presents: Munting Mahadera airs its Grandparents Day episode this Saturday (September 10). Aside from making a spoof of the successful series, Munting Heredera, the horror-comedy feature also shows the relationship of a mother, her son and her two grandchildren.

"The newly-separated Rody (Roderick Paulate) had just moved in to the house of his presumptuous mother, Felicia (Luz Valdez), with his twin daughters Jenjen and Bembem (both played by Barbara Miguel).

"Because of her mischievousness, Bembem accidentally frees an evil and magical hag (Odette Khan) who attempts to possess the well-behaved Jenjen. As a result, the latter suddenly becomes mean and rude and even fights with Bembem. The evil hag then kidnaps Jenjen after finding her to be a suitable companion in the world of shadows.

"Apart from this problem, Rody also realizes that Felicia has tricked him into admitting his most kept secret--his homosexuality. Thus, he feels a strong urge to be angry with his mother.


"Will there be reconciliation between Rody and his mother? How can he and Bembem retrieve Jenjen from the evil hag? Will the real "mahadera" surface at last?

"Prepare for a fun Grandparents Day celebration by watching Spooky Nights Presents: Munting Mahadera on GMA-7 after Manny Many Prizes."

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