MMFF Tribute to Independent Cinema will be held from December 18-21, 2011

PHOTO CAPTION: Adolf Alix Jr. (left frame) helmed the prison drama Presa, which is topbilled by (top to bottom frame) Rosanna Roces, Anita Linda and Perla Bautista.

From December 18-21, 2011, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), the organizers of the annual Metro Manila Film Festival will pay tribute to today's independent filmmakers by staging the Metro Manila Film Festival Independents Section.

This year marks the second time that independently produced films will serve as the pre-festival offering of the MMFF.

In 2010, Adolfo Alix Jr.'s Presa won best indie film during the 36th MMFF. The film was topbilled by Anita Linda, Jodi Sta. Maria, and Rosanna Roces, among others. (CLICK HERE to read related article)

Aside from conducting a competition for full length independently-produced films, organizers have also added a separate category for short films submitted by students.

Winning films will receive a cash prize and the MMFF trophy. The winner of the full-length film category will receive P100,000 while the short film category winner will receive P25,000.

Award-winning director Mark Meily, the committee head of the MMFF Independent Cinema Section, sent a personal email to this writer inviting all filmmakers to be part of the festival.

From the entries submitted, the MMFF's Selection Committee will select 5-10 short films (from students) and 5 independent feature length films which would compete.

Below are the guidelines and rules and regulations of the competition.

"Looking forward to your support as the MMFFP pays tribute to the future of Philippine cinema!" says Direk Mark in his email.


MMFF Tribute to Independent Cinema (Next Wave)

Objective: To raise awareness of the Filipinos to the other side of Philippine Cinema and pay tribute to Filipino films that are garnering awards globally, the MMFF is organizing theMMFF Tribute to Independent Cinema which will be held from December 18-21, 2011.


Two (2) Categories:

1. Feature (full length)

2. Student Short Films

There would be one (1) theater for this festival which will screen in alternating schedules the 5 features and the 10 student short films.

CRITERIA FOR SELECTION (both categories):

To qualify for selection:

1. The film must have been produced between January 2010 and October 31, 2011.

2. The film must not have a theatrical run nor participated in either the Cinemalaya, Cinema One Originals, or Cinemanila Film Festivals. It should be a "Philippine Premiere".

3. The film must have Filipino content and with Filipino principal cast.

4. The duration of the Feature Film must have a minimum of 60 mins and a maximum of 115 mins. The Student Short must not exceed 12 minutes with credits.

5. The film must not have been produced by a major TV network or Film Production company.


For purposes of submission, all preview copies must be submitted on DVD and be in Filipino and have English subtitles.

DVDs must be marked with title, running time, format, and contact information printed or clearly written with permanent marker.


For screening, films can be supplied either in the traditional 35mm film format or DVD NTSC.

All entries must be submitted to the MMFF office by 6pm October 30, 2011.

A selection committee from the MMFF will choose 5 features and 10 student short films to be in competition.


Entries to the Student Short Film category must be accompanied by an endorsement letter from either the Principal, Dean or the Department Head stating that the entry is the school's official entry to the MMFF Tribute to Independent Cinema Festival.


1. A jury of five (5) will choose the winner for the Best Independent Film and the Best Student Film.

2. The director of the Best Independent Film will receive P100,000 while the school of the Best Student Film winner will also receive P25,000.


3. An Audience Prize will also be given to the Best Student Film with the biggest audience.


Each screening will have one to two short films followed by a full length feature and would be scheduled as a group and designated as Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D and Group E.

All films will have their gala screening on December 18, 2011. There will be five (5) screening schedules for the entries--three (3) screenings in the afternoon and two (20) in the evening.

From December 19-21, 2011, the screenings of each film will have a alternating system so that the entries will have a total of four (4) screenings--2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening.

TICKET SALES: Directors of the independent films will receive 50% of their film's net revenue.

MTRCB Permit: The MMFF will cover the expense for the MTRCB permits of the selected entries.


In lieu of a float for the MMFF Parade, the MMFF will sponsor a gala screening for each of the five (5) entries with the accompanying short films on December 18, 2011.





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