Joe D'Mango's Love Notes will return to radio starting November 22


"The love guru who started it all is making a big comeback on radio, the medium where he first became a household name in the late 1980s.

"Starting Tuesday (November 22), Joe D' Mango will give inspiration to listeners twice a week with his playlist of classic love songs and expert advice on love and relationships via his popular program Joe D' Mango Love Notes on DZMM Radyo Patrol 630, the leading AM radio station in Mega Manila.

"But Joe D' Mango's isn't just returning on radio but also on television nationwide and globally as his program will also be aired on DZMM TeleRadyo, the leading radio-on-cable TV station in the country today and through its live audio streaming.

"There is a purpose for me going back to radio. I want to bring back the glory to AM radio as a source of entertainment and as a companion," said Joe, who started his career on AM radio before shifting to FM radio where he rose to stardom.

"Joe D' Mango's Love Notes will air every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 mn to 4 am. Apart from helping letter senders on matters of the heart, Joe will be introducing new segments that will make his program interactive and modern ranging from artful executions of love stories called "Radyo Komiks" to having budding artists and bands serenading listeners live on radio.

"His new program on DZMM will have audience impart their thoughts on love and relationships in the segment "Echoes of the Heart" and share their own passages on romance in "Love Quotes." Audiences can dedicate songs to their loved ones in "Ito ang Tawag ng Pag-ibig."

"To date, Joe D' Mango's Love Notes can best be described as a program that successfully crossed nine media platforms. Starting as an FM radio program, "Love Notes" successfully defied conventional wisdom when it introduced talk radio with Joe D' Mango giving love advice to listeners.


"It became a huge hit that spun-off into a TV show and then a full-length movie in 1995 starring Vina Morales, Donna Cruz, Gary Estrada, Keempee de Leon, and Joe as himself. It also bred a series of over 100 pocketbook titles, two newspaper columns, comics, a telephone hotline, and a website.

"Love is All That Matters, one of the three compilation albums inspired by "Love Notes," achieved a double platinum status back in 1998.

"Don't miss the return of Joe D' Mango's Love Notes on DZMM Radyo Patrol 630 and DZMM TeleRadyo (SkyCable ch. 26) every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12 mn to 4 am."

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