Coney Reyes and Xyriel Manabat's 100 Days to Heaven will air finale this Friday

PHOTO CAPTION: Coney Reyes (left) and Xyriel Manabat (right) topbill ABS-CBN's primetime series, 100 Days to Heaven, which will end this Friday, November 18.

As 100 Days to Heaven ends this Friday, November 18, 2011, Coney Reyes shares briefly how she feels about it during the November 16 turnover ceremony of 100 Toys to Heaven to Larunungan and Kamuning Elementary School.

"Sa Friday na! Mixed emotions. Siempre sad ako."

She explains that their chemistry and bonding as a group became so tight.

"Sobrang sarap kasama ng mga tao. Walang may ere or anything."

She really appreciates that everyone was wonderful to work with.

"Yun, mami-miss ko!"

Of course, it is a given she will miss the work itself. She turns hopeful and says, "pero, sobrang happy din ako. It's just wonderful to be part of a show that was able to give."

Coney can't help but stress that the message of forgiveness, "pagpapatawad at paghingi ng tawad," the message of loving others, "sa pamilya, kahalagahan ng pamilya, kahalagahan ng pagpapakita ng inyong pagmamahal sa magulang, kapatid, kaibigan" were the reasons she is very happy to have done 100 Days to Heaven.

She reports that the show received a lot of feedback through Twitter that uplifted and encouraged them and even now on its final week.

Coney shares how the principal of Kamuning Elementary School told her during the turnover ceremony that the "children have been going home, you know, earlier to watch. It's a form of bonding."

She also relates how she has heard about "lolas and their children and their grandchildren watching... crying together, laughing together."

Coney is so happy that people aren't just crying with the show and for the characters, but "it's really, nagkaka-kiligan pa rin sila, together daw."

When asked about her working relationship with Jody Sta. Maria-Lacson, Xyriel Manabat, Smokey Manaloto, Joel Torre, Dominic Ochoa, and others, Coney says that "it was so exciting with a whole bunch na talagang magagaling na artista. Ang dami, lahat actually, super gagaling."


What does Coney plan to do now that 100 Days of Heaven is finally over?

"Matulog, matulog, matulog!," she exclaims with a laugh. She repeats with a smile, "matulog, magpahinga, magbabakasyon ako!"

What makes Ms. Coney Reyes come back again and again to do TV projects when she actually doesn't have to work anymore considering her status in the showbiz industry?

"It's the love for the art, for the craft. I love what I'm doing," she emphasizes the word 'love.' She realizes that she is so "grateful with the gift that the Lord has given me."

Coney's goal then is to keep "sharing it with others. When I'm able to make people laugh, make people cry in a way that they would learn a lesson... it's a meaningful project."

Because the show gave so much to her and allowed her to give so much to the people as well, on top of the viewers being given the chance to give back too, Coney attributes that as part of the reason why she is ending the show with mixed emotions.

"Pero kailangan ko rin magpahinga. Para mag-recharge. And maybe to come back next year for a nicer project hopefully."

How long does Coney plan to rest? How long will our TV screens be without her?

She jokes, "mami-miss n'yo ba talaga ako?"

We tell her that ours is the generation who grew up watching Coney Reyes on Camera, to which she quipped, "siguro pinilit kayo ng mga nanay n'yo na manood habang nagsi-siesta time."

She leaves the question with a vague answer as to when she will be back, "siguro some time next year. Titingnan ko."

By that statement she means she will spend time praying about which is yet another trait that puts Coney Reyes in a class all her own.


"Ginagawa ko, lagi pinag-pe-pray ko."

And unlike others, when she says she will pray, it's not just lip service.

"Sabihin nila, lahat naman pinag-pe-pray. Oo kasi kailangan talaga. I don't want to do anything that God doesn't want me to do."

She brings it back to 100 Days to Heaven, "then, I was so sure in my heart that it was something that God wanted me to do."

Coney recalls, "yun, pinag-pray ko yun, e!"

She shares her prayer to God at that time, "gusto ko talaga ng project na ma-honor Ka, something na talagang may moral values." God answered her prayer she so believes by giving her 100 Days to Heaven.

So when it comes to her next project, she shares, "gusto ko siyempre, maganda din!"

Ms. Coney tells us that, "mayroon naman na-ilatag. They talked to me about something and after this show, pag-uusapan namin kung yun ba talaga."

Catch the final episode of 100 Days to Heaven on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida block this Friday, November 18, 2011.





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