Daniel Razon spearheads launch of first mobile radio, La Verdad 1350 KHz

Veteran broadcaster Daniel Razon has launched the first-ever mobile radio booth in the country via its AM radio arm UNTV-Radio, La Verdad 1350 KHZ recently. Its concept is simple: where news is, the radio booth is located.

Intended to be at the heart of the action, the mobile radio booth was launched on January 16, 2002 at One Esplanade, Pasay City during the kick-off celebration of UNTV. It is expected to provide unique development in media as it rides along adaptive delivery of real-time news, with the ability to communicate with other persons, and process information simultaneously. The booth can also be found even on the streets to accommodate news and views from people at the margins. It also intends to be an arm in delivering public service to the people through live and free medical and legal consultation.

According to Razon, since the impeachment trial of the Chief Justice is the national issue these days, the mobile radio studio was stationed since day one of the impeachment at the place where it is being held: the Senate of the Philippines.


Normally, radio stations are located in permanent places with restricted reach and equally with restricted access to some sectors of the public, therefore lacking the mobility introduced in this initiative.

Razon is known for introducing novel ideas in the field of communication like incorporating rescue work in news-reporting teams; reaching learners in depressed areas with the Dunong Gulong (School on Wheels) complete with a teacher, a library, and communication; the Isang Araw (Just One Day) Movement that encourages people to donate just a day serving the public, among many others.

UNTV-Radio, with its tagline "Tapat at Totoo sa Serbisyo Publiko," aims to get the latest news as fast as it happens. The initial offering, the on-going impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona at the Philippine senate is currently being covered.

Prior to its launching, Razon said that he wanted to "preserve the glory of classic radio" and to keep radio on its own world. He cited that classic radio is a tool that gives opportunity for listeners to focus more on the issue whereas with tele-radyo the attention is diverted to visuals. This newest media project may be classic yet the equipment that will carry out its service is very first in the country.


The UNTV-Radio Mobile Booth is an announcer booth in a mobile vehicle that will be roaming around the busy roads, with the broadcasters reporting the up to the minute details of the news. The mobile's trailer is designed to accommodate the broadcasters in the glass-cased booth that was divided to provide room for the technicians' equipments. Such broadcasting equipment are also designed for mobility to suit the needs of broadcasting on-the-go that UNTV-Radio is pioneering.

The launching of the mobile booth also reminisced the founding of the UNTV's Tulong Muna Bago Balita (Rescue First Before Reporting) News and Rescue Team. It has turned a year old since its launching in 2011.


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