PETA's Haring Lear is set in a post-nuclear world

People who have seen Nonon Padilla's works say that his theatrical creations are filled with imagery and metaphor. So as he starts to develop another unique form of artistic creation with the Philippine Educational Theater Association's Haring Lear.

Felix "Nonon" Padilla is one of the most accomplished figures in contemporary Philippine theater. As a director, he is known for pushing boundaries and for introducing new forms and styles for Filipinos.

"While he is well-versed in the classics, Nonon is at home with the whole range of the arts both classical and modern. He can toss seemingly incongruous artistic ingredients together and organize them into a unified, innovative piece of theater," shares PETA President, Cecilla Garrucho.

Every two years, PETA traditionally produces a Nonon Padilla play so as to create a mix of various styles. Padilla last worked with PETA for the symbolism-filled, stylized staging of Tony Perez' Saan Ba Tayo Ihahatid ng Disyembre?

Unlike the original text set in prehistoric Britain, Padilla's version is located in a post-nuclear world that is strangely familiar. "I thought it would be interesting to set the play in the future, a future that is as bleak as it was in the barbaric or the primitive times," said Padilla.

Exciting and suspenseful, PETA's Haring Lear retains Shakespeare's beautiful and devastating themes of love, madness, death and sacrifice.

Haring Lear is presented by PETA and British Council. The play will run every Friday (7:00PM), Saturday and Sunday (10:00AM/3:00PM) from January 27 until March 4, 2012 at The PETA Theater Center (located at No.5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City.

For ticket reservations, contact 7256244, 4100821-22, 09175765400, or buy tickets online at,





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