WATCH: This evolution of Wonder Woman video includes Filipino actress and actors in super hero costumes!

Watch who the Filipina actress is in this Wonder Woman evolution video.

Pinay actress in evolution of Wonder Woman video

Video: Burger Fiction

Austin, Texas-based website Burger Fiction published on their YouTube channel the 12-minute, 24-second supercut video Wonder Woman Movie & TV Evolution (Lynda Cardter to Gald Gadot) with Justice League Trailer 2017.

The video is a collection of clips from movies, TV shows, and video games that feature Wonder Woman through the years.

In the video, the evolution of Wonder Woman's costumes and image starts with the 1967 TV pilot attempt Who's Afraid of Diana Prince (which starred American actresses Ellie Wood Walker as Diana Prince and Linda Harrison as Diana's alter ego Wonder Woman) and ends with a clip from this year's upcoming Justice League movie with Gal Gadot donning the Princess of Themyscira's warrior costume.

But at 1:57 of this supercut video is a clip from the 1991 Filipino comedy movie Alyas Batman En Robin starring Joey de Leon as Batman and his son Keempee de Leon as Robin.


And the actress wearing the Wonder Woman costume? It's Dawn Zulueta!

The clip also shows late comedians Rene Requiestas as Joker and Panchito as Penguin.



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