Eugene Domingo accidentally hits Sam Milby while shooting Kimmy Dora (Ang Kiyemeng Prequel)

Eugene Domingo is so impressed with Kimmy Dora (Ang Kiyemeng Prequel) leading man Sam Milby that she has dubbed him as the Pinoy James Bond.

She credits Sam for making her look good when they do action sequences together.

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In Kimmy Dora (Ang Kiyemeng Prequel), Eugene portrays twins with totally different personalities: the strict and intellectual Kimmy as well as the sweet and simpleminded Dora. The movie is set at the time when Kimmy and Dora have just finished college.

Sam is cast as Rodin Bartoletti, AVP for Human Resources of the Go Dong Hae group of companies. He oversees the internship program that Kimmy and Dora have to undergo in order to prepare them as future executives of their family business.

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Eugene revealed that there were some mishaps on the set while they were shooting this comedy film directed by Chris Martinez.

Eugene says about this Metro Manila Film Fest entry, "Ang pinaka-challenge ng Kimmy Dora is the fight scene. Yung fight scene talaga because we had to do training."

What martial arts did she study to prepare for her role?

"Nag-aral ako ng Muay Thai, very, very light. All crash course. A little of capoeira, tapos ala-Bruce Lee style ng action. E, yung challenge pa nun…pag napanood mo na lang makikita mo. Andaming challenges."

Were there times when you got injured while shooting Kimmy Dora 3?

"Andami! she exclaims. "Sa tuhod… pero ako ang lahat ng may kagagawan. Tanungin mo lahat ang mga ka-fight scenes ko, yung mga stunt men, saka si Sam mismo. Ilang beses ko siyang nasuntok. Lagi kong sinasabi, 'No, no, no, I won’t hurt you.'

"Noong una naniniwala pa siya. Nung pangatlo na… Andami ko nang naipangakong regalo sa kanya, bibigyan na lang kita ng ganito… bibigyan na lang kita ng ganito. Andami kong utang sa kanya.

"Minsan pag nagpa-fight scene kami, nakahawak siya dito [pointing to the groin area]. Sabi niya, 'Sige na, lahat na, wag lang dito.' Sabi ko, I understand.

"Lahat pwede kong saktan pwera 'yon. Siya talaga ingat na ingat. E, yung sipa ko talagang ang baba. Hindi katulad sa kanya, dun lang tumatama. Takot na takot siya.

"Dami kong nasaktan. Andami kong nasuntok."

The accidents on set became so frequent that it became a running joke among the cast and crew.

The comedienne quips: "Andami kong utang. Lahat sila may appliances. Pag nasusuntok ko, sinasabi ko, 'bibigyan na lang kitang appliances, ha?' Feeling ko minsan nga, talagang gusto nila saktan ko na sila… para may kapalit."

If asked to choose between Kimmy or Dora, which character would Eugene choose?

"There are days na gusto ko si Kimmy kasi… si Kimmy kasi dito hindi pa siya si Kimmy na parang galit lagi. In fact, ano siya dito, kawawa. Mukha siyang trying hard to have a position in the office. Ganun kasi, prequel siya. Fresh graduates sila.

"Si Dora naman, jologs na jologs. Dora here is jologs na jologs, but my best friend, the director and the writer [Chris Martinez], he prefers that I always do Dora.

"Parang nire-request niya sana sa totoong buhay ikaw na lang si Dora. Pwede ba yun? Favorite niya si Dora.

"Alam mo, kahit sila pag nagiging Dora ako, andaming kumakausap sa akin, andaming nagpapapicture. Pag Kimmy hindi nila ako kinakausap. Nag-iiba rin yung attitude nila towards me.

"There are days na Kimmy, but people around me they prefer that I play Dora."

In her Facebook account, Eugene Domingo bid a fond farewell to the twin characters that she has been portraying since they were first introduced in Kimmy Dora: Kambal sa Kiyeme (2009) as well as in the sequel Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme (2012).

Here is her status update (published as is):

"Since this is the 3rd and the last , i promise to watch you everyday because i know i will miss you, i will truly , truly miss you and i am so proud of you i love you Kimmy i love you dora (i am extra proud of you here now dora ... Good job ka). You also ate kims ... You have come a long way my sisters ! :)))"






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