Pinoy dancers at par with international performers, says Kaleidoscope World’s Alma Concepcion

Alma Concepcion says about Pinoy dancers, "Aside from Filipinos having voice [talents], we are the Latinos of Asia. Filipinos are known to be dancers and we should show it off."

Former beauty queen Alma Concepcion takes pride in being part of the hip hop dance movie Kaleidoscope World, an official entry to the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival starring Yassi Pressman and Sef Cadayona.

Not only does Alma play a kontrabida role for a change, she also got the chance to work with dancers whom she believes are at par with international performers.

“If you've heard of popping and locking...this movie can showcase that we are at par with international [dancers]. We are updated and we can keep up and compete with international market. Why? Because we already won [abroad] because of the Philippine All-Stars,” Alma pointed out during the press conference of Kaleidoscope World held at Resorts World Manila.

It will be recalled that in 2011, the Philippine All-Stars won in the Dance2Dance international street dance competition in Switzerland.

Alma, who gained fame in the ‘90s first as a beauty queen and then as a sexy star under Regal Films, believes that aside from having excellent singing talent, Filipinos are also renowned as dancers.

"Aside from Filipinos having voice [talents], we are the Latinos of Asia.

“I can see the evolution of dancing. Filipinos are known to be dancers and we should show it off. Everyone should know that we can dance,” she adds.

In Kaleidoscope World, Alma is cast as Yassi’s aunt who forbids her niece from dancing. Alma admits that she had to audition for the role: “They know my name but they have to see how you look.”

About her character, Alma says, “She is very nasty to the highest level. They were looking for somebody who’s not the kontrabida stereotype…[but] very devious and evil.”

Kaleidoscope World is a hip hop dance film that pays tribute to the music of the late master rapper Francis Magalona. When asked for her favorite Francis M hit, Alma says it’s a hit from the ‘90s: “Mga Kababayan Ko.”


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