Anne Curtis about to wrap up shooting for her Hollywood project

Through her Twitter account, Anne Curtis shared a photo of herself with a clapper board with the name Crystal, which refers to her character in the movie Blood Ransom. Another photo of Anne (left) showed her with fake blood and looking as if she were badly beaten up.

Anne Curtis is about to end her month-long stay in the United States after shooting her Hollywood project Blood Ransom.

"Just a few more days to go. Manila and my 'Showtime' family, I'll be seeing you guys on Tuesday," announced Anne yesterday, June 21, through her Twitter account.

In the film, Anne is cast as a young woman who is kidnapped but eventually becomes attracted to her abductor.

Anne’s co-stars in this crime thriller include American actors Emily Skinner and Alexander Doetsch.

Blood Ransom is written and directed by Francis dela Torre, who helmed Jericho Rosales' Hollywood movie titled Subject: I Love You.

Through her Twitter account, Anne gave regular updates regarding her international project.

"Three last days of shooting for 'Blood Ransom.' Starting to get sad... I will miss everyone!!!" she posted on June 21.

The TV host-actress hinted that she is shooting some gory scenes for the movie.

"Shooting again tonight for 'Blood Ransom.' It's going to be a bloody and heavy night."

During the last week of May, Anne temporarily bid goodbye to her Showtime family before she took her flight to Los Angeles, California.

Blood Ransom is scheduled to be screened by 2013.

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