Karylle's "Ligaw Liham" now showing at Robinsons Galleria

Karylle, the producer and star of this indie film, narratesthat the production staff of Ligaw Liham barred her from pre-viewing themovie beforehand so she could fully enjoy the experience of watching the entireproduct. This was taken during the July 21 premiere of Ligaw Liham at theCultural Center of the Philippines.

Ligaw Liham, one of the 10 finalists in the 2007Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival, is now showing at RobinsonsGalleria's IndieSine from September 12-20, 2007.

Karylle stars in her first indie film together withBacolod's finest actors John Gilbert Arceo as Mando, George Macainan as Tatangand newcomer John Michael Lee as Nor.

It was quite hard for Karylle to leave Manila for theweek-long shoot in Bacolod because it landed on her birthday which meantspending her special day without her loved ones. What convinced her to do thefilm is the fact that her former Ateneo Communications Technology Managementblockmate, Carlo Mendoza, is the Director of Photography (DOP) of the film. Foranother thing, her second mother and personal assistant Rose Martinez is anative of the province.

Helming this indie film is first-time movie director Emilio"Jay" Abello. He served as floor director in four television series under GMA-7Network Television for more than two years. Jay took up photography lessons viaa correspondence class in the New York Institute of Photography in 1997 and hasbecome an avid photography hobbyist since then. In 2003, he apprenticed undercinematographer Lee Meily for television commercials and one feature film. Heenrolled in Feature Film Lighting workshops in Rockport College, Rockport, ME,in 2006.

Ligaw Liham (2007)

Director: Jay Abello and Manny Montelibano
Creative Consultant: Peque Gallaga
Screenplay writers: Jade Snow, Checcs Osmena, Jet C. Orbida
Editor: Kats Seraon
Production Designer: Emilio G. Montelibano Jr.
Director of Photography: Carlo Mendoza
Cinematographer: Anne Monzon
Costumes: RJ Lacson
Sound Designer: Raffy Magsaysay
Music: Wacky Acosta and Nani Naguit

Nor (John MichaelLee), a typical provincial lad, finds an opportunity to fall in love even atthe expense of assuming the identity of someone else. This is a story on howdeeply people get affected when one of society's basic services stops working. Ligaw Liham takes inspiration from atrue incident involving a provincial post office in Negros that simply stoppedworking at a pre-texting era when people tend to be completely dependent on themailing system—letters were neither coming nor going, leaving an unaccountednumber of corrupted lives.


Sometime in the '70s, in a small town in Negros, the postoffice simply stops its operations. No one knew about this except for thepostman and his caretaker. When Nor finds out about this secret, he finds anopportunity to connect with his childhood crush Karen (Karylle). The young manassumes the identity of another person by forging letters hidden in an oldwarehouse of the town. Nor takes over the pen of Karen's husband who is workingin Saigon. Soon after, a correspondence between Nor and Karen takes place. AndNor finds himself truly falling in love.





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