PEP REVIEW: The Debt exhibits Janus del Prado’s knack for drama and comedy

The Debt, created by music video director Nicolo Reyes, is among the five short films featured in the Sun Shorts collection. The story revolves around Mervin, a young man with a penchant for “quick fixes” and who eludes his problems.

The Debt has quite a story to tell. It reminds one of short stories that are written to surprise a reader with its ending.

Nicolo Reyes’s plot opens with his main character, the young man Mervin (Janus del Prado), whose chicken restaurant has just closed down because of debts incurred.

Mervin is visited by a pair of goons sent by the boss who lent money to the entrepreneur. Viewers then learn that the business was passed on to Mervin by his father. Mervin failed to run the fried chicken restaurant.

The next scenes roll out into a mad chase—the two men running after and eventually capturing and beating the hell out of Mervin.

In The Debt, one notes how the young man keeps running away (although quite understandably because he needs to save his life) and every once in a while recalls what his father always tells him: “May oras para sa lahat” or "there is a time for everything."

While he tries to follow his father’s advice, Mervin misses the whole point of it. He never confronts the problem, thinking that each moment is the time to escape a predicament.

The ending, however, reveals an unexpected turn of events where Mervin’s life is saved. When the story arrives at that scene, the audience empathizes with the main character.

The chase sequences are entertaining, especially when Mervin tries to trick the gullible goons. Nicolo’s action-and-comedy-packed plot is strengthened by his quick-paced scenes. Likewise, his cast is effective in bringing life to the appealing script.

Janus del Prado, who is known for his support roles in the films One More Chance, I Do, and recently in The Reunion, once again proves his knack for playing the wacky, funny, and flawed character.

He is an effective dramatic actor with a flair for comedy. In The Debt, it is good to see Janus with the spotlight all to himself.

(To watch The Debt, CLICK HERE)


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