Korean Film Festival 2007 to be held at the UP Film Institute

The Korean Film Festival 2007 is ajoint undertaking by the Korean Embassy and the UP Film Institute to enhancecultural exchange between the Philippines and the Republic of Korea.

A mixed fare of sagas, action, and romance filmsconstitute The Korean Film Festival 2007 to be presented by the Embassy of theRepublic of Korea and the University of the Philippines Film Institute, fromSeptember 25 to 27 (Tuesday - Thursday).

Five full-length mainstreamfeatures comprise the selection, namely, Park Chan-wook's Joint SecurityArea (JSA), Kang Je-gyu's Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War, BaeChang-ho's My Heart, Kim Jeong-kwon's Ditto and Yang Yun-ho's LiberaMe.

From the director of the"Vengeance Trilogy" (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy,Sympathy for Lady Vengeance) comes JSA: Joint Security Area.Park Chan-wook directs this dramatic thriller about a tragic shootout at theborder of two Koreas. JSA will be the opening film of the Korean FilmFestival 2007. It is to be followed by the perioddrama, Taegukgi, about the fate of two devoted brothers forced tofight in the Korean War.

Also in the lineup is MyHeart, a period drama of epic proportions, spanning half a century inthe life of a heroine compelled to marry a ten-year-old boy at the time whenKorea was taking its first steps into the modern age. Offering contrast is LiberaMe—the fast-paced action saga that centers on an arsonist terrorizingSeoul and the fire investigators hot on his trail.

Rounding up the festival is Ditto—atime-travel romance in the tradition of the international sensation, Il Mare,which was remade into the Hollywood blockbuster, The Lakehouse. Thesci-fi romance is about two university students separated by 20 years, and thelove affair that blossomed between them with the help of an old radiophone.

All films are in 35mm print, withEnglish subtitles.


Screening schedules:

September 25 (Tuesday)

2 p.m. Ditto

5 p.m. JSA

7:30 p.m. Taeguk-Gi

September 26 (Wednesday)

2 p.m. Libera Me

5 p.m. Ditto

7 p.m. My Heart

September 27 (Thursday)

2 p.m. My Heart

5 p.m. Libera Me

7 p.m. JSA

Venue: UP Film Institute Cine Adarna, Magsaysay Avenue, UPDiliman, Quezon City


The Korean Film Festival 2007 is a joint undertaking bythe Korean Embassy and the UP Film Institute to enhance cultural exchangebetween the Philippines and the Republic of Korea. For inquiries, please callthe UP Film Institute Cine Adarna at 9263640 or 9262722, or the Embassy of theRepublic of Korea at 8116139 to 44 local 575.

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Synopses of Films

JSA: Joint Security Area

(Park Chan-wook, 2000, 110minutes)

A tragic shootout at the border ofthe two Koreas prompts an international investigation team, composed of membersfrom neutral countries, to look into the incident. The events unravel to reveala story that goes beyond what everyone imagined.

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhoodof War

(Kang Je-gyu, 2004, 140 minutes)

One of the greatest successes inKorean film history, the film is about two brothers, who are unwillinglydrafted into the South Korean army following the outbreak of the Korean War,and the story of their love and tragedy.


(Kim Jeong-kwon, 2000, 110minutes)

In the tradition of thesensational hit Il Mare, the film is about a female university student,who talks through a radiophone to a male schoolmate, who lives 20 years away.

My Heart

(Bae Chang-ho, 2000, 114 minutes)

An epic story of a girl, at sweetsixteen, who is compelled to marry a ten-year-old boy as Korea takes its firststeps into the modern age.


Libera Me

(Yang Yun-ho, 2000, 119 minutes)

Fire investigators are hot on thetrail of an arsonist whose psychotic fascination with flames leads him toterrorize Seoul.





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