PEP REVIEW: Sundance’s prose-in-motion showcases Ina Feleo’s award-winning talent in dancing

Sundance is the fifth and last short film in the Sun Shorts collection. The Sun Life Financial project, launched last July, gathered five Filipino filmmakers to create films with the theme “life is brighter than the sun.” Ina Feleo stars in Jerrold Tarog’s dance-and-music-inspired work that is meant to celebrate friendship.

Narrative is absent in Jerrold Tarog’s Sundance. Instead, the award-winning filmmaker, known for his works Confessional (2007), Mangatyanan (2009), and Senior Year (2010), utilizes music and dance to depict the bond among three friends.

The four-minute short film presents prose-in-motion as the three main characters, led by stage/film/television actress Ina Feleo, sway to Sundance’s original score.

The film opens in a restaurant where Ina meets up with her two friends played by choreographer EA Torrado and thespian Tara Cabaero. They playfully move through the enclosed space. They head out, gliding on the pavement, twirling on the street, literally conveying that “life is brighter under the sun”— the theme of Sun Shorts. The dancers’ every movement are synchronized with the captions that appear on the screen. The choreography reflects every line in the prose, which can be considered as quite redundant.

As Sundance reaches its conclusion, a viewer realizes that it is unlike any other short film. It is simply a dance video with poetic lines appearing on the screen. Its main attraction is the interpretative dance.

The great thing about Sundance, however, is that it showcases Ina Feleo’s terpischorean skills. It is a reminder that the actress is also a dancer who in 2011 was awarded the best female dancer when she performed as a soloist for the Bayanihan National Folk Dance Co. at the World Dance Festival in South Korea. The short film likewise exhibits the equally astounding but underutilized skills of EA Torrado and Tara Cabaero.

(To watch Sundance, CLICK HERE.)


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